Office of Community Standards

Office of Community Standards 

The discipline system of the College is designed to promote individual student development and to uphold the community standards of conduct that are necessary to create and sustain a social and educational environment that supports the academic mission of the college. The rules governing student behavior – known as “The Community Standards of Conduct” - exist to create an atmosphere in which all members of the College community-- students, faculty, administrators, staff and other citizens-- may feel secure in the constitutional and civil rights granted to them in the society at large, and that the conditions necessary for freedom of inquiry and expression which are at the core of any academic community are protected. The College's disciplinary system seeks to facilitate student ethical development through education, behavioral consequences, developmental exercises, and when necessary, separation from the College.

The Office of Community Standards maintains the discipline system and is geared toward building student understanding of the rights and responsibilities of students as members of the Purchase College community.  Community Standards of Conduct are necessary to meet the fundamental requirements of an academic/ professional learning environment." (Student Handbook & Academic Planner). 

The campus discipline process is an administrative, rather than a legal process.  In making determinations of responsibility, the standard of proof that is used in campus disciplinary proceedings is "... what is 'more probable than not' to have occurred. This standard of proof is more similar to the one used in 'civil' than in 'criminal' proceedings."  (Student Handbook & Academic Planner).  Procedures are fair, respectful of student rights, and applied equally and consistently.

In accordance with the campus email policy below, all disciplinary paperwork and notifications are issued via email.  Please make sure to check your email daily.

Campus Email Policy - Email is the College’s primary means of communication between students, faculty, and staff.  Messages regarding course information, important deadlines, missing documents, billing statements and other correspondence previously mailed to you may be sent instead to your official Purchase email account.  The College expects that such email communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.  Students are responsible for the consequences of not reading communications sent to their account in a timely manner.

Contact Information: 
Office of Community Standards
Phone:  (914) 251-6027
Fax:  (914) 251-7996

Melissa Jones, Director
Phone: (914) 251-6033

Office: Student Service Building, 3rd Floor