Many international students arrive in the New York City area expecting it to resemble the violent and criminal portrayals they have seen on television.  Though anything can happen in the New York area, as well as anywhere else, these portrayals are greatly exaggerated. Although Westchester County and the Purchase College campus are quieter than the City, everyone should be aware of safety here, too. The following is a list of tips that can help you and your belongings stay safe:


¨      Lock your doors and windows when you leave your home, dorm room, or car, regardless of how long you will be gone.  If possible, always leave a light on if you intend to be gone all night.  If you are going away for several days, ask a neighbor or your roommate to watch your belongings.

¨      Always have you keys ready.  If they are lost or stolen, report it and change the locks immediately.

¨      If you live off-campus, list only your first initial and last name on mailboxes, doors and   telephone directories.

¨      If someone knocks on your door, ask who it is before opening it.  Never invite a stranger into your home or dorm room.

¨      If you feel uncomfortable with certain people, avoid them.

¨      If you have a car, park it in well-lighted areas where there are other cars and people nearby.  Be sure to get a Purchase College parking permit.

¨      Never leave valuables unattended anywhere, especially in your car.  Purses, phones, tablets, computers and other valuables are sometimes stolen from cars.   Do not leave your belongings unattended in the cafeteria, library or elsewhere on campus.

¨      If you park a bicycle outside, chain and lock it to a bicycle rack.  Lock both tires to the frame of the bicycle.

¨      When waiting for a bus or train, wait near other people or in a well-lighted area.

¨      Get directions and phone numbers to places you plan to visit before your leave so you don't look as if you are lost.

¨      If you live on campus, check with the Residence Life staff about safety rules.

¨      Read, understand and remember essential information and regulations.  Not knowing or understanding is not an acceptable excuse.  To keep up with the flow of information, make sure International Programs and Services AND the Registrar have an accurate, current address for you on file and check your Purchase email daily.


**Always be aware of your surroundings and what is happening around you**


University Police:  Purchase College University police officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities. They provide protection to all buildings, residence halls, parking lots and roadways. They provide an escort service to walk students home or across campus at night.  They are here to help anyone on campus year round and are on duty 24 hours a day.


Emergencies on campus should be reported immediately by calling Ext. 6911 or by picking up a blue light emergency telephone on campus which connects directly to University Police.  In non-emergency situations, dial 914-251-6900.