The Immigration Handbook was prepared to help clarify the regulations and processes once you have arrived in the United States. The regulations outlined in this handbook are the most current and relevant guidelines issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Department of State. There are several requirements for maintaining your legal status in the U.S.

In the Immigration Handbook, you will find information which addresses the following:

  • Immigration Documents for all F-1 & J-1 Students (pgs 2&3)
    • Passport
    • Entry Visa
    • I-20 Form (Certificate of Eligibility F-1))
    • DS-2019 Form (Certificate of Eligibility for J-1)
    • I-94 Card

  • Admission for Duration of Status (D/S) (pg. 4)
  • Transferring From Another U.S. School (pg. 4)
  • General Info for F-1 Students (pg. 5)
  • General Info for J-1 Students (pgs 5&6)
  • Dependents (pg. 6)
  • Changing Status (pg.6)
  • Program Extensions (pg. 7)
  • Taxes, Social Security Numbers, and ITIN (pgs. 7&8)
  • Request for Letters/Documentation/Certificates (pg. 8)
  • Lost or Stolen Documents (pg. 8)

  • Immigration Problems (pgs. 9&10)
  • Travel Abroad (pgs. 10-13)
    • Signatures for travel
    • Rules for Travel
    • Renewing or Changing Visas
    • Travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean

  • Employment Issues (pgs 13-18)

    • F-1 Student Employment
    • J-1 Student Employment
      • Student Employment
      • Academic Training

  • If Things Change (pg. 19)
    • Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

All services of the Office of International Programs and Services are available to you. Please let us know what type of visa you hold, and we will be able to assist you to the best of our ability.