Immunizations &
Health Insurance


  • All students in New York State are required to have proof of immunizations for measles (rubeola), mumps, and German measles (rubella).
  • A Meningitis vaccination is also recommended but not required, though an“Information Response Form” from the Health Center will need to be completed.
  • If you have immunization documents, submit them with you with English translations.
  • If necessary, you can obtain vaccinations at Purchase College Health Services.
  • All immunization forms may also be found on the Health Services website.


Inbound international students must meet SUNY’s standards for health insurance coverage. Please take the following steps to be sure you have adequate coverage:

  • Provide proof of enrollment in another comprehensive health insurance plan
  • Provide a description of  your current coverage.
  • Current coverage must include medical evacuation and repatriation
  • If your coverage is not adequate you must purchase the SUNY mandated plan.
  • If you have health insurance coverage in the U.S. but not medical evacuation & repatriation coverage you may purchase emergency coverage only. 

Waiving out of the SUNY International Student Plan is handled through the International Programs and Services Office (Waiver Form: Insurance Waiver - Intl Stu) .

HTH Worldwide Health Insurance provides the SUNY coverage for medical treatment due to accident or illness.  Once you have been enrolled in the SUNY insurance, you will receive instructions from HTH  for registering for and activating your personalized website and printing your health insurance ID card. This card is your proof of coverage. Do this as soon as you receive instructions, as there is much valuable information available on the website. 

If you have purchased the full SUNY insurance,
it includes the MEDEX (medical evacuation and repatriation) insurance. 

MEDEX provides coverage for medical, travel and security information and assistance worldwide. It is not health insurance, but rather insurance for medical and security assistance, evacuation and repatriation. You can print your MEDEX ID, which contains the MEDEX policy ID and group number and emergency contact information.

  1. HTH Worldwide Insurance Services Interactive Resources:

    1. Students enrolled in the insurance plan may register for access to HTH’s Interactive Resources by going to
    2. HTH’s Interactive Resources include:
          • Online claims status
          • Coverage limits and personal information
          • Doctor search in the U.S. and abroad
          • Travel health and safety news and articles
          • Medical term, phrase and drug translation databases
          • Access to CityHealth Profiles for important health information in cities worldwide
          • Personalized news and e-mail, which can be delivered to the student and up to five of his or her family members and friends.