Having your own ethnic food is like a taste of home for most international students. In this section you will find a brief explanation of types of food purveyors in the New York area followed by a list of ethnic and American groceries and restaurants not far from Purchase College. 


Shopping for food and groceries.  "Grocery" stores are supermarkets or "chain" stores are where you can find your daily groceries.  Prices may vary depending on the "chain" and the community in which the particular store is located.  There are also "specialty shops" for ethnic groceries.  "Kosher" items can be obtained in most supermarkets.  They are marked by the following symbols: U and K.


Fast Food.  Many Americans eat "fast food'" (food that is cooked and/or prepared very quickly) such as sandwiches, french fries, fish fillets, hamburgers, salads, and, of course, pizzas.  These are found in restaurants such as McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King, or in diners or delicatessens.  Fast food can be high in salt, sugar and fat, so you are cautioned not to rely on fast food restaurants.


Grocery Stores   

Chinese                                   Kam Sen Foods

                                                  22 Barker Ave

                                                  White Plains, NY

                                                  Tel: 428-4500


Italian                                       A S Fine Foods of Thornwood

                  986 Broadway         

                  Thornwood, NY

                  Tel: 747-1449


Japanese                                Nippon Daido USA

                                                   522 Mamaroneck Avenue

                                                   White Plains, NY

                                                   Tel: 683-6735



Korean                                   H Mart

                                                  371 N. Central Ave.

                                                  Hartsdale, NY



Middle Eastern                      Yaranush

                                                  322 Central Avenue

                                                  White Plains, NY

                                                  Tel: 682-8449


Organic                                   Whole Foods

                                                 110 Bloomingdale Road

                                                 White Plains, NY

                                                 Tel: 288-1300




Chinese                                  Water Moon

                                                  66 Purchase Street

                                                  Rye, NY

                                                  Tel: 967-1866


                                                Aberdeen Seafood & Dim Sum

                                                3 Barker Avenue

                                                White Plains, NY

                                                Tel: 288-0188



                                               Royal Palace

                                                77 Knollwood Road

                                                White Plains, NY




                                                Trattoria 632

                                                632 Anderson Hill Road

                                                Purchase, NY

                                                Tel:  481-5811



                                                Tsuru Restaurant

                                                259 North Central Ave.

                                                Hartsdale, NY

                                                Tel: 761-0057



                                                Kang Suh Restaurant

                                                2375 Central Park Avenue

                                                Yonkers, NY

                                                Tel: 771-4066


Kosher                                    Epstein's Kosher Deli

                                                387 North Central Park Avenue

                                                Hartsdale, NY                       



                                               Kisco Kosher Deli in White Plains

                                                230 East Post Road               

                                                White Plains, NY

                                                Tel:  948-6600



                                                 El Tio

                                                 143 Westchester Avenue

                                                 Port Chester, NY

                                                 Tel: 939-1494