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HR Contact Information

Current Job Vacancies

Benefits Information

  • Summary of Benefits
  • Retirement Plans
  • Health Insurance Programs
  • Long-Term Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Unemployment Insurance  
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Holiday Schedule/Leave of Absence/Vacation and Sick Leave


  • Payroll Schedules
  • Paycheck/Direct Deposit Advice Distribution & Return Policy 
  • Temporary Service Payroll
  • Student Assistant/College Work Study Payroll


  • Timesheets
  • Payroll (W-4, IT-2104, Direct Deposit, etc.)
  • HR and Benefit Forms
    • Employee Data Sheet
    • Extra Service and Also Receives Justification Letter
    • UP-8 and UP-6
    • I-9 & Instructions
    • Dual Employment Forms
    • Classified Employee Annual Performance Evaluation
    • Student Assistant Employment Form and Instructions
    • Salary Increase, Promotion and Review Requests
    • PEP Enrollment Form (CSEA, MC and UUP)

Policies & Procedures 


  • Electronic Time and Attendance System (TAS) Power Point Presentations (UUP Faculty and Staff, M/C)
  • SUNY HR System - Self Service

Affirmative Action

  • Nondiscrimination Policy
  • Policy on Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination Complaint Procedure
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Search Process Handbook
  • Title IX


  • New York State Resources
  • Bargaining Units (CSEA, GSEU, NYSCOPBA, PBANYS, UUP)
  • US Government Resources

Employee Suggestions




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Welcome to Human Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Resources department is to assist the college in reaching its goals by providing quality and timely advice and supportive services to the college's leaders, faculty and staff. In addition, the department administers and enforces employment policies, procedures and employee benefit programs.


The Human Resources department is a staff function in support of other campus goals; a service organization dedicated to the worth of campus staff, their growth and development, and providing advice and assistance to campus managers and individual employees based upon their individual needs. We will approach this vision by adhering to the following values and principles:

Focus on People
We believe that the employees of the college are our most important asset and their collective quality is what differentiates this institution from the rest of the State University. It is the individual, working in concert with others, who provides the quality learning and growing environment for our students. Our students are successful because of these values; the concern, the caring and personal support by faculty and staff. We believe that an investment in our people is the best investment we can make.

Focus on Quality
Quality means doing the right things right, the first time, every time. We will commit our individual and team efforts to achieving the highest quality results, in serving campus staff, advising campus managers or providing reports and information to external authorities. We take pride in our work.

You can expect that discussions with office staff of a personal nature, whether concerns regarding your or your family's health, insurance, benefits, files or records, will remain strictly confidential. We respect your right to personal privacy and dignity. Except as required by law, records will only be shared with responsible supervisors, or upon specific release by individuals.

Strive For Improvement
We constantly look for more effective and efficient methods of accomplishing our tasks, and are quick to incorporate technology when warranted. People depend upon the quality of information they receive from us. Personal initiative and innovation are encouraged.

Involvement & Participation
The members of the department work as a team, filling in for others as demands dictate. We talk with each other, share ideas, anticipate problems, and take responsibility for our action

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