Environmental Health and Safety

Help Purchase College Recycle

Please DO !

  • Recycle Paper Products including
    • Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Phonebooks
    • Junk-mail, Envelopes,Glossy & Colored Paper
    • Fax & Copy Paper, Memo Pads etc.
    • Brown Corrugated Cardboard, Paper Bags
  • Recycle Food & Beverage Containers Including
    • Glass Jars and Bottles
    • Metal Food & Drink Cans
    • Plastic Containers (TYPE 1 & 2 ONLY)
    • CLEAN Aluminum Foil & Pie Pans
  • Follow Instructions Posted on the Recycling Bins

Please Do Not

  • Place trash in the recycling containers
  • Place items with food, or other prohibited items in the recycling container

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