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Friends and Affiliates

A number of volunteer groups support the work of Purchase College. The Purchase College Affiliates support the College overall, while Friends groups focus on support for specific divisions. Please join these dynamic groups in supporting Purchase College!

Purchase College Affiliates

The Affiliates is a special group that brings together the interests of the community and the needs of the College. The Affiliates provide volunteer and financial support to a wide range of college programs and activities, encouraging and promoting productive and rewarding relationships between the college and its students, and the community and its citizens.

Affiliate membership fees support a campus-wide grants program that funds initiatives whether they are the work of students, faculty or staff. This unique program often supports campus projects and college needs which otherwise may not be funded. Over the years, the wide range of projects funded by the Affiliate grants program has served to encourage intercommunication and cooperative projects between students, faculty, staff, departments, and administrators.

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