Request Letters of Recommendation

Most scholarships require anywhere from two to eight letters of recommendation.  These letters should be detailed and specific to you, and should complement the achievements highlighted in your application. 

  1. Give your recommenders plenty of time to complete their letters. Send a respectful follow-up reminder closer to the due date.

  2. Be specific as to what you’d like emphasized in the letter and have different recommenders emphasize different aspects of your character and academic/extra-curricular accomplishments.  Attach your current resume for their review. 

  3. More effective letters come from professors and other individuals who know you well. Request letters from those professors who have sufficient knowledge of you to write more than a form letter.

  4. Vary the sources of your letters: Choose professors from courses you took outside your major.  Show that you impress faculty and other individuals in a variety of fields.

Recommenders in search of information about writing letters of reference, samples of recommendation letters, and additional tips about reference and evaluation of student candidates, please utilize the array of  resources on the Career Development Center's Information for Faculty page.