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By completing a FAFSA you will be offered financial aid to help cover your bill. The FAFSA provides students, parents and graduate students with eligibility to take out Federal Direct Loans. Below is a list of the types of loans that may be offered to you:

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Loans are “self-help” financial aid, which means that they must be repaid with interest. The following information regarding Federal Direct Stafford loans has been complied to help you better understand the Federal Direct Loans that are offered to you. For ease of use, the sections below have been organized into the three stages of your borrowing cycle: Before, During & After. There is also a separate section for Parent/Graduate Direct PLUS Loan information.

In order to be considered for any federal financial aid, you must have a completed FAFSA on file at Purchase College. This means that if you are selected for verification by the federal government, the verification process must be completed before the federal aid may be awarded or requested.


Before During After PLUS

Information is subject to change without notice based upon changes in federal regulations.