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the Office of Student Financial Services

Fee Adjustments and Explanation

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Adjustments to your "Current Charges"
Insurance Waivers and Meal Plan changes must be done at before the charges will show as adjusted on your eBill. See below for directions on how to make the adjustments along with other adjustments:

Housing Changes
If the cost and description of your housing status does not match your original housing information, please contact the Office of Residence Life immediately to ensure accurate calculation and assignment. IF you are planning to withdraw from housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life. If you have officially withdrawn from on-campus housing, an official approval of your housing status update must come from the Office of Residence Life.

Medical Insurance

All waivers must be done online through

  • Please make sure this waiver is completed each semeseter for which the student is enrolled.
  • Waivers must be completed within the first two weeks of each semester.
  • Proper documentation must be provided online only (do not send the documents)
  • For information on what the domesitic insurance covers, please go to Academic Health Plan's website.

Domestic: All matriculated students with at least half-time status must be covered by accident and medical insurance. Your account has been billed for the college health insurance plan. If you are covered by a comparable or better health insurance plan, you have the option of doing the medical insurance waiver online. Your eBill will automatically remove the charge upon successful completion of the online waiver.

Please complete the health insurance waiver at and sign into your myHeliotrope portal. Click the "Student Account" tab and then click the "Student Account Button" to access the health insurance waiver link. In order to complete the waiver, you will need proof of your comparable health insurance to submit online. Once you have successfully waived the coverage, refresh your eBill to reflect the deduction from your semester bill.

The Medical Insurance Coverage Waiver must be done every academic year!

This waiver is required once per year (Fall semester waiver will carry over to the Spring semester). Should you decide to take advantage of the college health insurance coverage, please log back on to the online waiver form (around Spring billing) and delete the insurance information you originally provided.

Please Note: Undergraduate students enrolled in five or fewer credits are not eligible for medical insurance. Graduate students enrolled in four or fewer credits are not eligible for medical insurance.

International: SUNY requires all students enrolled on an F-1 or a J-1 visa to participate in the college-provided medical insurance plan. Foreign students who are able to prove that they have comparable coverage for health care in the United States may apply for a waiver through Health Services. Until the waiver is approved your account will be billed including the international health insurance charge. The international health insurance waiver must be completed each semester.

For more details, please view HTH Worldwide's site under the the "My Benefits" link:

Housing Damages
Charges for damage to the residence units in a prior semester/year are assessed by the Office of Residence Life. A student account will not be considered as paid if contested housing damages remain unpaid. For further details regarding your housing damages, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (914) 251-6320.

Meal Plan Changes
If you wish to adjust your meal plan, please go to and log into the myHeliotrope portal. Your eBill will be automatically adjusted to reflect this change. Please note that if you live in a Residence Hall you must select a residence hall meal plan and cannot choose any of the apartment/commuter plan options. A Residence Hall Meal Plan is mandatory if you reside in a residence hall. All changes must be completed within the first two weeks of the semester.

Award and Benefit Adjustment:
Financial Aid:
If you do not see accurate financial aid information on your eBill, please contact Student Financial Services at (914) 251-7000 x 2. Be sure that you have completed your FAFSA application and that you have successfully provided all necessary verification documents to the Student Financial Services Office (if applicable).

New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): If you qualify for TAP and you do not see the award on your eBill, please return to and make sure that the school code you entered is for "Purchase College" (TAP School Code: 0970).

Federal Work Study (FWS): Your federal work study allocation shown on your award letter cannot be credited to your bill. You are authorized to earn this amount of money by working on the campus during the academic year.

Private Scholarships: If you received a private scholarship that is not administered by Purchase College, you must provide an official document from the sponsoring organization. Document(s) must indicate the schedule of payments and amount which will be paid directly to the College on your behalf.

Veteran's Benefits: See the Veterans' Benefits and Services page


The Purchase College Student Services Fee is a Purchase College mandatory fee assessed at the rate of $881 per semester for full-time students and pro-rated on a credit-hour basis ($73.43/credit) for part-time students. The fee includes the following:

Activity fee ($110.00 or $9.17/credit): Supports cultural, social, educational and general interest student programs as well as recognized student organizations sponsored by the Purchase Student Government Association.

Athletic fee ($159.00 or $13.25/credit): Provides funding for the operation of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program and allows for free student admission to varsity athletic contests. In addition, all students benefit from the enhancement of our athletic facilities, fitness equipment, and jobs generated each year by the athletic fee and programs.

Campus Service Fee ($44.00 or $3.67/credit): Supports the maintenance and upgrade of roadways, parking areas, emergency phones, lighting, and variety of ancillary systems.

Health fee ($245.00 or $20.42/credit): Provide staff in the Counseling Center and Health Service available to give professional, physical and mental health services. This fee is not the health insurance—it does not cover medications, diagnostic tests or services off campus.

Technology fee ($257.00 or $21.42/credit): Supports the cost of operating the campus' instructional computing labs; the campus' high speed computing network; the Residence Halls' labs and network; off-campus e-mail and internet connectivity.

Transportation fee ($66.00 or $5.50/credit): Supports a bus system which provides service between the campus and shopping areas, as well as between the campus and the Transportation Center in White Plains, providing ready access to New York City.

Orientation fee:
The Orientation Fee is charged to all incoming students (first year, transfer and graduate students) to cover the costs associated with the summer and winter Orientation programs including but not limited to advising, registration, social programs, correspondence with new students, and new student program materials. This is a mandatory fee regardless of your ability to attend the orientation session.

Transcript fee ($5.00): A $ 5.00 per semester transcript fee is charged to your account. This fee allows students to request and receive official transcripts without additional charge. The transcript fee is billed each semester with a $60.00 cap.

College Fee ($12.50 or $0.85/credit): A mandatory SUNY fee which supports debt service reduction as required by the New York State Dormitory Authority. This fee was initiated to retire municipal Bonds that were issued to build the State University campuses.

Course Fees(s): Charges for a lab/material use fee and/or a non-remedial writing instructional materials fee. Some courses have required course fees. A $1,219.87 course fee will be charged to all students who are registered for music private lessons or music master classes. For more information regarding Private Lessons, Master Class, and recitals, please click here.

Performance Lab Fee ($37.00): This fee is designed to cover the costs associated with recording student concerts, instrument inventory, instrument maintenance, and instrument rental. This fee is assessed to all Conservatory of Music students (including students pursuing a minor in music).

ID Fee ($20.00): A one-time, mandatory ID fee will be charged for first-semester students.