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the Office of Student Financial Services

2014-2015 Broad Based Fees Consultation Process Calendar

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Monday, March 10th

  • Letter to students and college community
  • Consultation period opens through Friday, March 14th
  • MyPurchase announces opening of the process as a "Know your Fees" for all students
  • The Broad-Based Fee Collection Survey opens
  • Portal ad and announcement begins running

Friday, March 14th

  • Close of student input process to allow for compilation and review

Wednesday, March 19th

  • Submission of final report to SUNY

These are the fees that are subject to increase as per the proposal:

Technology Fee- Expand internet bandwidth and Wi-Fi access and the addition of addiitional smart classrooms.

Intercollegiate Athletics Fee- Continue to meet the NCAA Division III requirements and mandated increases in salaries and fringe benefits.

Student Health Fee- Instituting a new computerized medical software program for Health Services, Counseling Center, Wellness Center and state mandated salary increases and fringe benefits.

Student Activity Fee- Supports cultural, social, educational and general interest student programs as well as recognized student organizations sponsered by the Purchase Student Government Association.

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Questions and comments regarding Broad-Based Fees may be emailed

*fees are subject to change