Interfolio, is the current web based credential service used by Purchase College’s Career Development Center, as the premier online credentials management service for candidates applying for graduate and pre-professional study, or other employment or academic positions. 

Interfolio's online system allows you to build an online portfolio - a complete file of all your credentials. By selecting a document type and naming it – any document can be stored, such as:

  • Confidential letters of recommendation
  • Resumes
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Writing samples
  • Teaching portfolio documents
  • Transcripts

Benefits of Using Interfolio

One of the newest features allows you to Build a Portfolio and create your own “personal address” for your professional page - a URL to share with potential employers.:  Collect your work samples, photographs, videos, all in one secure place. You can decide who to share your pages with, and your files are secure, they cannot be downloaded nor are they available to copy.

Comprehensive, fast and customized deliveries: Not all schools have the same application process however, with Interfolio you can deliver any document, anywhere, in one complete, professional package and you can specify the order in which your materials are packaged so that your presentation is powerful and professional.  

Self-managed files: With Interfolio, you have complete control of your portfolio. You can see when your references have been added to your account.  And you can make decisions about what documents are delivered on your behalf. 

Lightning-fast delivery:  You choose - paper or electronic – and all sent within one business day of your request. If you need to meet a deadline, deliveries can be made the same day (as long as you make the request by 2 PM EST).

24/7 access: the web-based system allows you to manage your portfolio whenever and wherever you want.

Low Cost: You save money and headaches. It's more affordable to send a 30-page delivery through Interfolio.


Updated 7/2011