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Applying to Medical School

Medical school admission requirements are specific for each school. Students can obtain the requirements for their schools of interest in the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR), an annual publication of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The MSAR helps students to establish realistic goals and to develop an action plan for applying to medical school.

In general, most medical schools require undergraduate courses in Biology, Physics, English, and Chemistry. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is the required entrance exam. It is also desirable that applicants volunteer or intern at a local hospital or clinic to gain practical experience in the health care profession. In addition, campus clubs and activities or work experiences, both related and unrelated, will demonstrate leadership abilities and a well-rounded knowledge base.

**Please see below for links to information on Dental and Veterinary school**

Services for Pre-Med Students at Purchase College

The Career Development Center and the Pre-Med Advisory Committee work closely together to help students plan their programs and apply to medical school. The Career Development Center works with Interfolio to establish and maintain credential files for students to assemble the materials required for applications (including reference letters, entrance exam scores, and an autobiographical statement) and will send the credential package directly to the medical schools. Once the credential file is established, the student has the option of interviewing with the Premedical Advisory Committee. The interview and credential file letters of recommendation serves as the basis for a summary letter of recommendation written by the Pre-Med Committee and is sent to the professional schools.

The Career Development resource library provides handouts, books, and directories on medical schools and careers. We also offer assistance with personal statements, resumes, and interviewing. Students should schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor at x6370 or stop in during walk-in hours. For more information about the Pre-Med Advisory Committee, contact the Natural Sciences Office at x6631 or at       

Medical School Application Timeline

For Fall Enrollment, Matriculation in Medical School

Spring/Summer Before Applying

Spring Semester

  • All Credential file materials (letters, transcripts, etc.)  must be completed early in the semester (complete by mid-March to be safe) and submitted to Interfolio.
  • Interview with Premedical Advisory Committee (students with completed files will be advised of the dates, usually in late semester).
  • Take MCAT review course, if desired.
  • Take MCAT; list Purchase College as undergraduate institution to receive results. The MCAT exam is administered multiple times from late January through early September and is a computer based exam. (Registration Deadline and Score Release Schedule)
  • Begin to submit materials to AMCAS (The American Medical College Application Service is a non-profit, centralized application processing service for applicants to the first-year entering classes at participating U.S. medical schools.) ; AMCAS will send student information to AMCAS schools listed on application. If applying to any non-AMCAS schools, contact schools directly for applications.


  • Take MCAT if not taken in the spring, or if decision is made to re-take the test.

Year of Application

June - March

  • Receive requests for, and mail out, information for secondary applications.  Career Development will assist the Premedical Committee with downloading the Committee letters to Interfolio.  The student will be able to send their letters to the Medical Schools or to AMCAS from the site. 
  • Please note that committee letters are not usually sent out until (1) MCAT scores have been received at Purchase, and (2) Revised files are completed.  (if requested by the committee).
  • Students should check their Interfolio account for the cost per mailing. 
  • Interviews take place at Medical Schools.

March – August

  • Make the final decision about which Medical School to attend. Notify Career Development and the Division of Natural Sciences of where you plan to attend.

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