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Exploring Majors and Careers

The Career Development Center and the Advising Center have developed “Exploring majors page.jpgMajor and Career Possibilities" web resource that specifically address majors at Purchase College. Visit any major in the sidebar to find out about the Purchase major, career possibilities, job search links and more!  For  information on specific majors, please visit the 8 Semester Graduation Plan for majors you are exploring. 

View the Major Channel on Candid Career to to view informational interviews with professionals to continue to explore majors and careers. 

Myths about Majors

Many college students think that an academic major exists for every career field.  In other words, if you commit to a major, you will be committing to a very specific, corresponding career field.  

This is a MYTH!

Your academic degree can help you to develop marketable skills such as communication, creativity, writing, analytical study and investigation.  With these and other building blocks you can explore a multitude of career paths, and follow your interests.   Choose a major that would allow you to develop these skills while enhancing your academic skills.  Confirm those career interests through internships, service learning, and other “hands-on” experiences.

Academic Resource Center: Advising Center
Speak with your academic advisor, or make an appointment with an advisor in the Advising Center for further discussion. You should talk to heads of Boards of Study, and professors,  learn about the courses offered, and examples of senior projects completed in different majors from previous students.  Talk to RA’s and upper-classmen to gain a sense of how they perceive their departments’ strengths and weaknesses.

If you are still undecided, the Career Development Center offers a number of assessment tools to help you focus on your interests.  Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss the resources that would be most helpful for your needs.

Undecided?  Enroll for ...
Career Planning and Decision Making / IDI 1550 / 1 credit / Fall
Designed to assist students who are beginning a career, have not yet selected their major, or are undecided on their career goals. Students apply research and career-development theory to examine how to formulate and make major and career decisions. Experiential activities include interest testing, skills and values identification, informational interviews, writing résumés and cover letters, conducting career research, interviewing skills, and the internship and job search. Participants gain insight into their career development through assessments, exploratory activities, and discussion. Limited to exploring sophomores and juniors.

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Updated 8/14