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Timeline … .. . Construction

Lead Agency / State University Construction Fund

Design / Abel Bainnson Butz, Landscape Architects

Contractor / Phase 1 - MPCC Corporation

                      Phase 2 - Foreman Contracting

Budget / $6 million

Project Manager / Sayim Malik

 Project Update as of September 29, 2014 

This project has been split into 2 phases.  The first phase was awarded to MPCC and the second phase was awarded to Foreman Contracting. 

The Phase 1 contractor has completed the pathway between the Natural and Social Science buildings, as well as the pathway between the Natural Science and Dance buildings.  The stairs leading down to the Lincoln Avenue from the plaza and walkway behind Terra Ve have also been completed.

The contractor has also finished the pathway between the  Museum and the Visual Arts buildings.  The remaining roadwork between the Visual Arts Building and the Student Center will be completed by the end of October.

They have also finished the pathway on the east side of Campus Center North that leads down to the north parking area.  They are currently working on the pathway between the Museum and Humanities.  They began installation of the new pavers the last week of August, and are nearly complete.


The Phase 2 contractor has finished their working in front of the Music building with the exception of some planters which will be done this fall.

The pathway on the north side of Music which leads to Continuing Education in the Dance building is complete.  The pathway is now open and the remaining lanscaping work is scheduled to be completed this Fall.

Work continues at the front of the Natural Science building.  The new concrete ramp and planters were poured, the main building entrance is open, and the remaining work at the front amphitheater will be completed by the end of October.

Remaining planters and landscaping will arrive over the next few weeks.

Project Overview

This work will address the pathways and roads between the buildings as you approach the plaza from the north and south. Scope includes repair of pavements, curbs, lighting, drainage, foundation waterproofing and site improvements as necessary to restore the existing access ways.