The Heritage Site


The Capital Facilities Planning Building

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Project Notes: As of August 1st, 2010


Timeline: ... .. . Under Construction

Lead Agency / Purchase College

Design / Sean Connolly, Sayim Malik, Anne-Marie Russillo, Charles Wellcome

Contractor / NAC Industries

Budget / $5 – 6 million

Project Manager / Sayim Malik

The abatement work at the Capital Facilities Planning building was completed, which uncovered unforeseen termite issues, similar to the other Heritage Site buildings.
NAC Industries is working on installing new windows, as well as replacing the surrounding rotting trims and wood, at the CFP building.
The priming and patching at the Business Annex was completed.
Terminix, who has been contract to monitor the termite issues, had their first quarterly visit on July 15th, 2010, and reported no additional termite activity.
The Heritage Site project is scheduled for completion in September 2010.

Project Specification

At this time the scope of work will only include the exterior envelope of the five Heritage buildings in order to minimize further deterioration of these buildings. This project includes roofing and gutter replacement, window repair and replacement, exterior painting and existing wood siding repair and replacement where necessary at the Administration Building, the Admission office, the Business annex building and the Capital Facility and planning building. There is also an existing wood fence that needs to be structurally reinforced and repaired and painted. Other miscellaneous work includes site work.

The Business Annex

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