Rehabilitation to Exterior of Main Dining Hall

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TimeLine.......Project Close-out

Lead Agency / State University Construction Fund

Design / KG&D Architects & Engineers

Contractor / Caladri Development Corporation

Budget / $2.86 million

Project Manager / Sean Connolly


Project Update as of December 15, 2014

The contractor has completed the new construction work and is now finalizing the remaining items on their punch list.  The existing roof has been replaced with a brand new roof.  The existing concrete plaza between the Dining Hall and both Farside and Crossroads has been replaced with a new waterproof membrane and new concrete.  This will address past leaks into the kitchen and dining areas below. 

The new stair leading down to the newly created lower level entrance has been reopened now that the new entrance canopy and new stainless steel handrails have been installed.  A new built-in bench along the concrete retaining wall at the plaza level was also installed.  The new lighted sign at the top of the exterior stairs is delayed due to fabrication and contractor issues. 

We are anticipating installation of the sign at the end of January 2015 as well as finishing all the remaining punch-list work.


Project Overview

Built in 1972, by the then new firm Gwathmey & Siegel, the Main Dining Hall is located just southeast of the Plaza in the original dorm complex (commonly referred to as Big Haus, Crossroads and Farside).  The building features large expanses of single thickness glass (not energy efficient by today's standards), massive angled masonry fins, stepped roofs with clerestories, domed skylights and open floor plans.


Project Scope

The existing building suffers from a number of issues, including water infilltration through the roof, curtain walls, and exterior masonry walls, poor ventilation in the atrium space,  and no sunlight control through the large glass windows.

This project will address these issues by replacing the exterior windows with new double pane, insulated low-e glass, with a solar reflective coating to help reduce overheating and glare in the building.  The new glazing system will also include operable windows to redue the overheating of the spaces in a passive cooling manner.  The building will receive new roofs and the existing masonry exterior walls will be repaired and repointed to address the water infilltration issues.

All of the existing exterior doors will be replaced with new doors.  The entrance doors will be equipped with automatic door assist devices.  A new entrance at the lower level of the building will give access to the dining area.  New sitework in this area will eliminate the drainage problems and a new exterior stair will replace the deteriorating stair on the west side of the building.

Project Photos