The Office of Capital Facilities Planning is responsible for the planning, managing and administration of all design and construction activities at Purchase College in accordance with State University of New York policies and procedures.


Purchase College continues making great progress towards addressing the critical maintenance backlog as we end our current fiscal year 2014 - 2015 Capital Facilities Plan. 
  • We are currently managing over $90 million dollars in critical maintenance projects, and another $35 million dollars in Strategic Initiative and Residence Hall program projects.
  • We have made steady progress in addressing our critical maintenance backlog during the past few years. Our strategy has been of repairing the exterior of the buildings before we begin interior renovations.
  • All of the existing elevators in our academic buildings have been rehabilitated and upgraded.
  • We have recently finished rehabilitating the exterior masonry walls, windows, and doors in the Visual Arts building, the Library, Main Dining Hall, & the Music Conservatory, as well as a number of our dormitories.  This summer we will continue with exterior renovations to the Olde apartment complex, as well as continue masonry repairs to a number of our buildings, including Natural Science.
  • Interior renovation projects are also currently underway including a complete renovation of our Humanities building and the Farside dormitory.  This summer, we will begin work in the Big Haus dormitory.
  • The CITL, our new building and campus gateway project has begun construction.  The contractor has mobilized and construction fencing is being installed.  This project will finally give a home to Theater Arts and Film & Media Studies programs.
  • Final comments are being incorporated into the construction documents for the exterior restoration of the Physical Education building.  This project will address a number of issues impacting the exterior deterioration of the building as well as provide a new accessible front entrance, opposite the Great Lawn.
  • We are also currently working with architectual and engineering firms on a number of new projects, including the design of a new dormitory and a programming study for the Heritage Site.
  • Repairs to our existing Cooling Towers have begun.  New underground piping will be installed for Mechanical Services to the Cooling Towers (located behind the Phy. Ed. building).  This will greatly improve or abilities to cool our buildings during the summer months.
For more detailed project milestones and current schedule information please refer to listing of current projects in the left tab.


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