Summer 2016 Construction Project Updates

Welcome to the Capital Facilities Planning construction project update page. This page is intended to let you what projects are under construction around the college campus and let you know how that may impact our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The page is typically updated every two weeks and will follow the current college semester. Projects are listed alphabetically and give a short synopsis of what construction work is scheduled and what the campus can expect as far as disruptions and/or inconveniences. There are also links under each project to the projects site page for those looking for additional information. ............................................................................................................................................................

Week of June 13th through Week of June 20th


  • The Contractor has finished installing the building's new structural steel.  The crane they were using to move the steel has left the site.
  • CFP will continue to work with the various building managers to minimize the impact and help coordinate any loud and disruptive work with scheduled events.
  • The contractor plans to have the building enclosed by the end of November.

Cooling Towers Rehab

  • The contractor has installed the new cooling towers just east of the Physical Education building.  The system has been turned on and is currently supplying the campus with cool air.
  • Commissioning of the new towers and systems has already begun and will continue until the fall.  The contractor is also completing the remaining punch list items.


  • The contractor has started work in Big Haus this summer, beginning in the A-Wing section.  The construction will be similar to what was recently completed in Farside.
  • The upgrades will include new bathrooms, lighting, and finishes in this section of the building.  Additionally, this will give the rooms better heating during the winter months as well as better control and monitoring, helping us reduce our energy usage, and provide better comfort to the occupants.
  • The work will continue next summer into B-Wing, followed by Crossroads.

Dorms - Olde Renovations

  • We are beginning the design work to address the aging exterior of the Olde complex.  This renovation project will focus on ongoing leaks and causes of envelope deterioration of the complex.
  • Expect to see some work over the Summer which will continue into the Fall.
  • Another project is also beginning that will address repairs and upgrades to the main mechanical systems and equipment that feed the complex.

Exterior Rehab. - Various Buildings Phase 2

  • The contractor has begun Phase 2 of exterior repairs to a number of our buildings.  This follows the recently completed work done on the Library, Natural Science Building, Music and Dance, while addressing items that weren't completed as part of the previous project.
  • Expect to see scaffolding and protection over the building's entrances being installed.

Physical Ed Rehab

  • The contractor has mobilized and begun work on the south section of the building.  New protective fencing has gone up as we begin making long overdue repairs to our Physical Education building.
  • This new project will address the ongoing leaks and exterior deterioration the building suffers from, as well as, replace all exterior windows and doors, the main lobby skylight, and reworking the front entrance to provide full accessibility to the building.  A new interior pathway to the elevator from the front entrance will also be created.

Plaza Rehab

  • Work is complete. The contractor is completing the remainder of their punch list work.

Plaza Pathways

  • The majority of the pathway project is complete, with final punch list items remaining.
  • The remaining work in front of both the Music and Natural Science buildings will be completed shortly. These areas have been delayed due to the contractor going out of business. The owner has committed to finishing the project, which includes the additional landscaping in front of the Natural Science building and new planters in front of the Music building.