Spring 2015 Construction Project Updates

Welcome to the Capital Facilities Planning construction project update page.  This page is intended to let you what projects are under construction around the college campus and let you know how that may impact our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The page is typically updated every two weeks and will follow the current college semester.  Projects are listed alphabetically and give a short synopsis of what construction work is scheduled and what the campus can expect as far as disruptions and/or inconveniences.  There are also links under each project to the projects site page for those looking for additional information.


Week of May 4th  through Week of May 11th


-         Contractor has begun mobilization and has installed new construction fencing around their areas of work.  This is at the southwest end of the plaza and lawn area next to Visual Arts as well as the area between the Bookstore and the PAC (also referred to as Theatre X).

-        The existing pathway from the W-1 parking lot will be closed shortly.  New directional signage is in place to assist in navigating around these new construction areas.

-     Temporarily, the pathway leading up to the Visual Arts building will act as the main access route to the Plaza.  Elevator access to the Plaza will be through the Music building.  Elevator access into the PAC will remain open.  This elevator will not allow access to the Plaza.

-     The contractor will begin demolition work within the next two weeks.  They will start by removing trees and landscaping materials, as well as pavers in the southwest corner of the plaza, designated to be relocated or stored and re-installed once changes in these areas are complete.

-     Expect some disruption and noise while this work occurs.

Cooling Towers Rehab

-     The contractor has begun their mobilization and excavation work as they prepare to install in piping that will run from Mechanical Services to the Cooling Towers (located east of the Physical Ed. building).

-     Expect some disruption and noise while this work occurs.  This phase of the work is expected to be completed this June.

Dining Hall Exterior

-         Contractor is completing final punch list items on the project, with the majority of the work complete.

-         The contractor has installed the new lighted sign at the top of the new exterior stairs. 




-         Phase 2 of the Bathroom and Interior Renovation work in Farside was completed last summer.  This included the remaining interior bathrooms in the E-F wing, and the corridor bathroom stack in F Wing, as well as all new finishes in the E-F Wing.  They also renovated one stack of bathrooms in Big Haus as we'll as converting the old Residence Life office into new bedrooms.

-     This summer we will complete our Bathroom and Interior Renovation work in Farside, which includes some rooms not finished in the E-F Wing and as well the rest of the F-Wing.

-     We will also begin an upgrade to the existing heating system in Farside, beginning with the E-F wing and then doing the same to the F-Wing next summer.




-      Interior work is moving along with more than 90% of the new plumbing, sprinkler, and mechanical infrastructure complete.  Interior wall framing and new electrical lines work have also begun.  The new walls are up and interior finish work has begun.

-     New furniture and equipment is being ordered.

-     Construction is scheduled to be completed this June, with moves scheduled to occur over the summer, to accommodate a Fall 2015 opening.


Neuberger Museum


-          Construction work is complete with the contractor finishing commissioning and training.

-     The work included removal of old mechanical equipment in the penthouse, ground floor, and basement areas.


Plaza Deck Rehab


-        Work is complete.  The contractor is scheduled to return to complete the remainder of their punch list work now that the weather has changed to allow for this work.




-        The majority of the pathway project is complete.

-     The pathway between the Museum and Humanities Building will be completed shortly and re-opened.  We have held off on opening this until the new large glass windows on the west side of the Humanities building are installed.

-     The pathway on the east side of Campus Center North, that leads down to the north parking area, is complete.  This area has also been re-seeded.  Minor punch list work remains.

-     The remaining work in front of both the Music and Natural Science buildings will be completed shortly.  These areas have been delayed due to the contractor going out of business.  The owner has committed to finishing the project, which includes the additional landscaping in front of the Natural Science building and new planters in front of the Music building.