The Internal Committee is made up of twelve members plus the ICO who is the committee chair. The twelve comprise of two representatives from each of the College’s Divisions. The Divisional representatives are nominated by their respective Officers (Divisional Heads) and serve in an advisory capacity to the ICO as well as contacts for their respective Divisions. The committee meets twice a year (fall and spring semesters) and the ICO presents the current developments in the College’s Internal Control program. The Committee provides input during the meetings and provides feedback to both the Divisions and the ICO.


Current Membership is as Follows:


Joseph Kyambadde – ICO

Peggy Connick – Finance and Administration

Mary Harnett – Finance and Administration

Darryl Jones - Operations

Edward Musal – Operations

Paul Nicholson – Student Affairs

Ravi Rajan – Academic Affairs

Denny Santos - Student Affairs

Jinny Wang – Enrollment Services

Barbara Washington – Enrollment Services
Vacant - Academic Affairs

Vacant - Institutional Advancement

Vacant - Institutional Advancement