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Account Managers should use the SUNY SMRT system to review their revenues, expenditures, allocations, encumbrances and account balances. As a best practice, Managers should reconcile their departmental (account) revenues and expenditures and/or “Variance Report” balances with the SMRT system balances at least once every quarter (three months). This reconciliation will assist Managers to improve control over their account(s) financial position and enable them to spot and correct possible posting errors.

Directions to access and use the SMRT system are below. For additional assistance in the use of the SMRT system, Managers can contact the College’s Internal Control Officer for assistance at extension 6016.

Revenue, Expenditure, Allocation and Account Balance tracking using the SUNY SMRT System Website


1.     Log on to

2.     Click on  Faculty, Staff & Employment

3.     Click on  SMRT Link.jpg

4.     Use down arrow to select – Purchase

5.     Enter your username (for example Joseph.Kyambadde) in the box next to TNT_LAN User ID

6.     Enter your Purchase College e-mail password in box next to E-mail Password

7.     Click on ‘Login’

8.     Click on ‘Business Systems Applications’ tab

9.     Click on


SMRT - SUNY Management Resource Tool



10.  Use ‘down arrow’ to select the academic year you wish to review.

11.  Enter your six-figure account number (e.g. 999999) for the account you wish to review.

12.  Click on ‘Submit’

13.  On this page first click on Account Balance (menu on left of page). This page will show you detailed categories of expense under Personnel Services (PSR), Temporary Personnel Services (TS), and Other Than Personnel Services (OTPS). Within these categories you’ll see amounts allocated expensed, encumbered, balances and pending allocations. All categories and amounts appearing in blue provide access to details when you left-click on them with your mouse.

14.  On the same page as above (#13) click on IFR Cash Page (menu on left of page). This page will show you the IFR cash details. Just as in #13 above, clicking on the blue amounts will show details of the amounts shown.

15.  To move back to the previous page click on the back arrow on the top left of the computer screen.

16.  To exit the system, click on ‘Portal’ which is between ‘Home’ and ‘Help’ immediately under ‘THE STATE UNIVERSITY of NEW YORK’ at the top of the screen. This will take you to the ‘SUNY Employee Services’ screen with a green sign-off tab on the top right hand side of the screen (above the welcome sign and your name). Click on the green tab to log off the SMRT system.