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Dawen Huang

Dawen Huang

Class of 2006
New Media

At Purchase Dawen Huang '06 (new media) learned programming, web development, photography, film and music production. He secured an internship at PepsiCo doing web development while still persuing his degree. After Purchase, he was working full time at Pepsi before moving back to New York City. He is currently employed by About.com, a division of the New York Times, as a Senior Front End Developer. His work involves maintaining About.com and the development of video and mobile sites.

On his free time, Dawen pratices photography with the hopes of becoming a professional photographer. Much of his focus has been on street photography and costumes all the while learning. Recently he has more commerical work from headshots and events while his travels include landscape and nature photography. He didn't find a passion for photography until he started traveling. Now everywhere he goes, he has a camera in hand.

He has traveled across America and internationally from Canada to Belgium and Italy. His next stops include countries in Asia, South America and Africa. Dawen loves to meet new people whereever he goes, eating along the way. He finds the best way to immerse himself into other cultures is by indulging in the local cuisine and creating memorable photos.