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Audrey Cozzarin

Audrey Cozzarin

Class of 1979
Visual Arts

Audrey Cozzarin '79 (visual arts) is a professional graphic designer and the creator of the "Peace and Health Café," an online resource for tips on finding inner peace and good health.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Audrey grew up in Ithaca, New York. She was born a Catholic, but now considers herself "a wee bit o' Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu" with interests in all religions and philosophic beliefs. Audrey was president of the Purchase College Alumni Association from 2003-2007 where she is President Emerita. She helps a special nonprofit, Malta House, and the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation. She studied ballet seriously (as a teen, spent summers at North Carolina School of the Arts) and has practiced yoga since high school, teaching now and then.