Educational Opportunity Program Services

EOP Student  Services

EOP students are assigned a personal counselor who assists them with academic strategies and personal concerns. This is accomplished by student meetings with their counselor throughout the semester to discuss their progress, plans, goals, achievements, and related concerns.

Other Services

  • Tutoring: Student tutors, are available for students having difficulties in any of their courses.
  • Learning Skills Assistance: Help with academic problems and the development of  skills is available.
  • Academic Advisement: Advising for course selection and graduation pursuit is provided as a supplement to the student's faculty advisor.
  • Career Services: Assistance is provided in examining career interests and abilities in terms of educational and employment alternatives.

Financial Aid Assistance

Students are awarded an EOP grant based on need in order to help  meet educational costs and to balance limited resources. Assistance is also given in the Financial Aid application process. Federal and State sources of aid are available to help the student meet the cost of attending college. Educational Opportunity Program funds are available to most students enrolled in the EOP program. An applicant, who qualifies for EOP, may receive aid for up to ten semesters through a combination of grants and loans backed by federal and state agencies.