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Be sure to review and follow all application instructions and observe all deadlines carefully. In cases where students fail to follow the requirements and instructions and/or to observe deadlines there is no guarantee the application can be reviewed and the application may be withdrawn from consideration.

Deadlines to Apply:
Fall Admission: March 1, 2015
Spring Admission: December 15, 2014

Step 1: Apply Online:

You may apply online using either the SUNY Application at or the Common Application at Please use only one application form. The application fee is $50. 
Students applying to the Purchase at Rockland Community College program use these application codes:

 -RCC Campus Code 65
 -RCC CEEB Code 2767

Step 2: Submit Academic Records:

Applicants must submit the following information:

  • Official college transcripts from all colleges attended or in which you are currently enrolled*
  • One letter of recommendation from a recent college professor (for non-traditional age applicants, a letter from an employer is satisfactory)
  • Students who have earned fewer than 24 college credits: Official high school transcripts or GED scores and SAT/ACT test scores. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the SUNY Online Academic Record (SOAR) in order to speed the review process. If you choose to complete your academic record online, please note that once you are accepted and indicate your intent to enroll, an official final transcript must be sent from your high school to Purchase College. See the information regarding the SOAR on the SUNY website.

NOTES: Upon application review, students who have completed over 24 college credits may be asked for additional items such as high school transcripts or test scores.  Students who have taken AP exams should submit all AP scores for evaluation and transfer credit.

These items must be sent directly to:

Purchase College-Application Processing
279 Broadway
Albany, NY 12204-2755

*¡¦Official¡¦ means documents are delivered in sealed envelopes from the school or electronically directly from the school or testing service.

Step 3: Submit the Transfer Supplemental Form

SUNY Application Supplemental: Students using the SUNY application must complete and submit the Purchase College Transfer Supplemental Form available below and on the SUNY Application site. Be sure to complete all applicable sections of the form including the required statement. The supplemental form should be emailed directly to

The form is available in the following formats:

Common Application Supplemental: Students using the Common Application must complete and submit the Supplemental Application, Instructor Evaluations, and College Official¡¦s Report in order for their application to be processed.

Rockland Community College Extension Site: If you are interested in the extension site at Rockland Community College, please include that information in your Supplemental Application/Essay.

NOTE: Prior/current EOP/HEOP/SEEK/College Discovery students please click here for further instructions.