Documentation Requirements

In order to receive services, students must supply appropriate documentation to the Access and Accommodations Office.

  • Learning Disabilities: recent psychoeducational evaluation that summarizes cognitive abilities and academic achievement testing
  • AD/HD: psychoeducational evaluation and medical diagnosis with treatment history

An IEP, 504 Plan, Psychoeducational Evaluation, and/or medical evaluation may be necessary to develop an appropriate academic accommodations plan.  Please contact the Access and Accommodations Office for guidance.  In cases where documentation is incomplete, the student may be asked to provide additional information.

The submission of documentation does not activate services or accommodations. Students should make an appointment at the beginning of each semester to discuss their needs.  Faculty members will then be notified of the  appropriate accommodations.   

Students with disabilities are protected by privacy and confidentiality policies. Specific information regarding the type of disability will not be given to any faculty member unless specifically requested by the student.