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Lauren Rodriguez, MA, CAS
Program Coordinator
Telephone: (914) 251-6035
Fax: (914) 251-5934
Student Services Building, Room 317A

The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the ADA 504 Compliance Officer: Ernie Palmieri, Vice President for Student Affairs/Associate Provost for Integrative Learning
Student Services Building, Room 323
(914) 251-6030

Our Mission

It is the college's policy to provide, on an individual basis, reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, which may affect their ability to fully participate in program or course activities or to meet course requirements.

A person with a disability is: "any person who (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, (2) has a history of such an impairment, or (3) is regarded as having such an impairment. Substantial impairment means that an individual cannot perform the life activity at all, or that he or she is limited in the condition, manner, or duration of the activity. Major life activities include, but are not limited to, walking, seeing, breathing, learning, working or performing manual tasks."


To receive academic accommodations, students must:

  • identify a qualifying disability
  • provide appropriate documentation of the disability (prepared by a qualified professional)
  • work with AAO personnel and classroom faculty to develop an appropriate and reasonable plan for accommodations

All information provided concerning a disability is confidential and is released only with the student's consent.

Documentation Requirements

The submission of documentation does not activate services or accommodations. Students should make an appointment to discuss their needs as soon as is feasible before each semester.  Faculty members will be notified of the appropriate accommodations following this meeting.   

Specific information regarding the type of disability will not be given to any faculty member unless requested by the student.


INFORMATION, REFERRALS, LIAISON AND ADVOCACY --The Access and Accommodations Office will assist in your interactions with faculty, staff and community agencies.

PRE-ENROLLMENT PLANNING -- Make an appointment with the Access and Accommodations Office to determine whether the College can meet your needs and how to get the most of your college experience.

SUPPORT GROUPS --Groups are available for support.

ACADEMIC ACCOMMODATIONS --The Access and Accommodations Office liaises with professors regarding appropriate academic accommodations for students with disabilities. With your permission, the Access and Accommodations Office will send a letter to your professors at the beginning of every semester, informing them that you are registered with the office and stating the specific accommodations being requested. Be sure to make an appointment before the start of each semester to discuss your individual needs.

TRANSPORTATION -- The Department of Parking and Transportation operates a paratransit van service. Individuals with temporary disabilities may also use the paratransit service.

NOTETAKERS -- Volunteer and paid notetakers are utilized to assist students unable to take notes.

INTERPRETERS -- Students can receive assistance in locating interpreters through the Office of Special Services.

ADAPTIVE  EQUIPMENT -- Students may borrow some equipment on a short-term loan basis, such as tape  recorders, and an FM amplification system.  Reading machines are available in the Learning Center.

TEST MODIFICATION/PROCTORING -- If you are eligible for testing modifications such as extended time, a reader, a scribe, or a different testing site you will need to work with the Access and Accommodations Office to coordinate these services with faculty. The procedures will be explained and you will be given guidelines.

 ACCESSIBILITY -- The Access and Accommodations Office staff continually seek to identify and remove physical or programmatic barriers that impede the progress of individuals with disabilities.

SERVICE ANIMALS AND ASSISTANCE ANIMALS --The ADA defines a “service animal” as any dog individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.  Service animal accommodations require no needs assessment but their student owners must be registered with the Access and Accommodations Office in order to complete appropriate housing  sign up with the Office of Residence Life.


Residence of an “assistance animal” may be an accommodation for individuals who would otherwise not find residential living accessible.  The need for this accommodation must be evaluated by the AAO staff on an individual basis and approved by the Office of Residence Life.  Procedures for application for an assistance animal  may be found at PC Animal Registration Part A & PC Animal Registration Part B.


Students with Disabilities requesting accommodations for Online Courses.


There are several steps involved in the qualification process for accommodations at Purchase College. The main steps in this process include:

1. The Student Notifies the Access and Accommodations Office about his or her disability.

When students want to receive accommodations at Purchase College, they need to notify the Access and Accommodations Office of their disability. To contact the Access and Accommodations Office please contact Lauren Rodriguez, Program Coordinator, by telephone at (914) 251-6035 or e-mail

2. The Student Completes An Application Packet.

After the student has notified the Access and Accommodations Office of his or her disability, a disability counselor will send the student an application packet. In addition to completing the application, the student is required to provide diagnosing information to the Access and Accommodations Office. 

Documentation Requirements

3. A disability counselor prepares a Professor Notification Form.

Once the completed application and the diagnosing information are received in the Access and Accommodations Office, the student’s disability counselor will draw up a Professor Notification Form. The Professor Notification Form details the accommodations that will be implemented and is e-mailed to the student’s professors.

Accommodations can only be negotiated between the student and the disability counselor . Once the accommodation agreement is established, it cannot be changed or renegotiated by the student. Effective communications between the professor and the student is integral to the success of the process.

National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)

The Access and Accommodations Office is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) voter registration site.


A student may also register to vote at the Access and Accommodations Office or online at the NVRA site:  :