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General Internship Information

What is an Internship?
An internship is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a student's area of academic study or in other fields of career interest. Internships are supervised both within the work setting and by a psychology faculty member.

Who is Eligible?
Internships are open to any Purchase College student who has earned more than 30 academic credits, regardless of whether the student is currently enrolled in a degree program.

The Value of an Internship
Each student has a particular set of career or educational goals for an internship. However, in general, internships provide an opportunity for:

  • Career exploration
  • Gaining work experience related to career interests
  • Enhancing academic course work through practical job experience
  • Exposure to professionals in a chosen field
  • Building job networking contacts
  • Acquiring positive job references outside the academic community
  • Increasing self-confidence

Academic Credit
Up to four credits may be obtained for an internship, which consists of 37.5 hours of field work per credit and a related academic project assigned by the academic internship advisor.

Application Procedure
The Career Development Center on the second floor of the Student Services Building, Room 214, (914) 251-6370, maintains a complete listing of available internships in many fields. Anyone interested in applying for an internship should contact the Career Development Center to discuss available settings and to learn about the application and approval procedures. All internships must be approved by the Career Development Center.

Internships for Psychology Students
Only placements in Westchester County and nearby Connecticut are included here. Students should feel free to use their own resources such as personal contacts and prior work supervisors to locate other potential internships. Interested students should verify the current availability and description of internships at the Career Development Center.

  • Abbott House. A child care agency responsible for children from New York City. They state that they need interns to help tutor the children, to establish one-to-one relationships with some of the children, to help in recreation, etc.

  • Asthmatic Children's Foundation. A long-term residential treatment center for intractably asthmatic children between the ages of 4 and 14. According to a letter from the Director of Volunteers, they are interested in having students working as tutors, or serving an internship in psychology, education, social services or art therapy.

  • Children's Village. Founded in 1851, this is primarily a residential treatment center for adolescent boys which also provides group home and foster family services. Interns are needs to work in the cottages and to help in the tutoring program designed to prepare boys to return to the NYC public schools.

  • Coalition for Family Justice, Inc. A non-profit organization committed to assisting spouses and children engaged in divorce and other domestic matters. They seek student interns to assist them in conducting statistical research, and in the design and implementation of different programs and classes.

  • Even Start. A federally funded family literacy program in the Port Chester public schools, focusing on adult education, early childhood education and parenting skills. Internships are individually developed to meet student needs.

  • Great Potential - Youth at Risk. Student mentors are involved in tutoring children in Westchester elementary and secondary schools in math, writing skills, and study skills.

  • Green Chimneys Children's Services. A child care agency operating a residential facility with an on-grounds special education program for children with emotional problems combined with learning disabilities. Includes an outdoor education program. Internships are also available at the Green Chimneys Farm Center, which is on the grounds of the Green Chimneys School.

  • Green Farms Academy. This internship provides an opportunity to assist the art director in art classes and development of a program for a private school serving children from kindergarten to 12th grade. Interns are exposed to the field of art education and have use of studio facilities.

  • Greenwich Public Schools. This internship offers qualified college students the opportunity to work in classes for severely and moderately multi- handicapped students.

  • Lakeside Outdoor Education Center. A child care agency operating a residential treatment center for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16 who are experiencing significant behavioral and academic difficulties in their natural environments. Lakeside also operates two group home facilities for adolescent boys. Interns have opportunity to work in nature education for all ages, early childhood education, and teaching special populations.

  • Leake and Watts. A residential treatment center for adolescents ranging in age from 11 to 18 years. Interns are involved in helping to provide a creative, educational, and therapeutic experience for the residents.

  • Little Rembrandt. An art workshop for children and adults, which also includes a movement room. Students knowledgeable in child development have the opportunity to create and implement curricula for various age levels from toddler to adult.

  • The Movement Center. A parent-toddler program in Greenwich emphasizing movement, music and creative dramatics in activities that encourage self- expression and creativity. Provides hands-on experience in early childhood education.

  • Purchase College Children's Center. Internship in Early Child Development. Ten hours per week during the semester. Work as supervised teacher's assistant. Consider also the credit-bearing PSY 3850 Practicum in Child Development.

  • United Cerebral Palsy. Recreation program with developmentally disabled youngsters 5 to 12 years old. Includes opportunity to work in the school as well as in a group home.

  • Westchester Association for Retarded Citizens (WARC). This voluntary agency extends a variety of services to the mentally retarded and their families, including pre-school programs, adult day training centers and community residences. Interns work one-to-one and in groups with an extremely diverse client population in teaching a wide range of skills. The internship provides students with an introduction to a developmentally disabled population and an exposure to professional disciplines that work with the mentally retarded.

  • YWCA Supervised Visitation Center. With sites in White Plains and Yonkers, the visitation centers provide a safe, neutral environment where non-custodial parents visit with their children. Academic interns and volunteers are responsible for supervising the visits Training is mandatory and is provided by the Center.

Updated July 24, 2007

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