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The Psychology BA Program

Our program offers rigorous courses in the basic areas of academic psychology and opportunities to pursue more in-depth study for those students who are capable and motivated. Our philosophy is to provide a broad background in psychology with an emphasis on thinking about psychological questions from a scientific perspective. In addition, we encourage students to see psychology in terms of its connections to biology and philosophy, and in its historical, social and political contexts.

The Psychology Faculty. Psychology faculty are accomplished researchers and scholars who share a special dedication to working with undergraduate students. Our areas of specialty include child development, cognition, language, personality, social processes, gender, neuropsychology, and perception.

Excellent Preparation. The Purchase College psychology program provides a strong foundation for students who plan to continue their studies at graduate and professional schools. Our graduates are equipped to enter advanced degree programs in all areas of psychology as well as programs in education, medicine, social work and law. Some students move directly into careers in mental health services, research, teaching, and early childhood education.

Facilities. Our facilities for instruction and student/faculty research include computerized cognitive/experimental laboratories, a child study center, and facilities for observational and social psychological research. Where appropriate, our courses are taught in the Natural Science Building’s modern computer classroom.

Hands-on Experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of internships that provide experience in childcare, clinical services, and research. These include an on-campus placement at the Purchase College Children’s Center and off-campus placement at such institutions as New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Westchester Division and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Mentoring. Unique features of the psychology program include the junior seminar and the senior project. The former is a library project on an issue of theoretical importance in contemporary psychology, and the latter is a research project based on work done in an on-campus laboratory or field placement. In both cases, students work in a one-to-one relationship with a faculty mentor. This apprenticeship relationship is a cornerstone of the educational program at Purchase. Many of our seniors present their research at regional and national professional meetings, and some are co-authors of published papers with their faculty sponsors.

Special Concentrations and Certificates. For students who are especially interested in how psychological/cognitive functions are produced by the brain, we offer an optional concentration in cognitive neuroscience. For students who are especially interested in education, we offer a certificate program in early childhood development.

Liberal Arts. The study of psychology is carried out in the context of the strong liberal arts emphasis of Purchase College. We prepare students for life, as well as for a career. Our extensive yet flexible core curriculum provides a solid grounding in the liberal and fine arts.

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