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Premedical Advisory Committee

Assistance for students is available from the Premedical Advisory Committee, which may include members of the science faculty, staff from the Career Development Center, alumni who are practicing health professionals, and the campus physician. The function of the committee is to advise students in planning programs, exploring career options, and selecting and applying to schools. Students interested in health careers should seek out one of the members of the Premedical Advisory Committee as their academic advisor.  In addition, students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a Career Counselor at the Career Development Center who will assist the student in establishing and maintaining an credential file. 

The Career Development Center helps the student assemble the materials required for the Interfolio file including: reference letters, transcripts, resume, entrance exam scores, and an autobiographical statement.  Students with complete Interfolio files and acceptable GPAs are interviewed by the Premedical Advisory Committee. This interview, along with the students Interfolio file, serves as the basis for a summary letter of recommendation written by the committee and transmitted, along with other relevant materials from the student's * file, to professional schools.


Biology Faculty:

James G. Daly......................PhD, University of Guelph, Canada
Jan Robert Factor................PhD, Cornell University
Maryann McEnroe..............  PhD, University of California at Davis

Chemistry Faculty:

Joseph Skrivanek.................PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Stephen Cooke.....................PhD, University of Exeter

Student Responsibilities before the Interview

Those who wish the assistance of the Premedical Advisory Committee must first establish credential files through The Career Development Center offers services to students to assist with establishing their Interfolio credential files and provides guidance through the application and interview process; speak with the Career Development Center regarding Interfolio credential management well before the deadline and make certain that all materials, including letters and transcripts, are received on time.  Before scheduling an interview with the Premedical Advisory Committee students must have submitted the following materials to their * account: 

Students with complete Interfolio files and acceptable GPAs are interviewed by the Premedical Advisory Committee. This also provides a practice experience to prepare the student for the medical school interview process; the faculty may be able to provide feedback and advice on ways to strengthen the student’s application or interview skills. Interviews often take place in early April: student files must be complete early in the spring semester, and students must request a place on the interview schedule at the Career Development Center well in advance.  For additional information, contact the Career Development Center or a member of the Premedical Advisory Committee. 


*Interfolio File - is the web based application system to establish and maintain credential files  for students to assemble and maintain the materials required for medical school applications. Please visit for additional information regarding costs and services.