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The Mathematics/Computer Science Program:
BA Academic Requirements

Students majoring in mathematics/computer science usually begin with a three-semester calculus sequence: Calculus I, II, and III. Students seeking placement beyond Calculus I should consult with a member of the faculty. Placement is determined by interviews and transcripts. Precalculus is offered for those lacking the necessary background for Calculus I.

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, students majoring in mathematics/computer science must complete each of the following requirements. A grade of C- or higher is required in these courses, excluding the senior project:

  1. MAT 1500, 1510, and 3150/Calculus I, II, and III
  2. MAT 1520 and 1540/Computer Science I and II
  3. MAT 3170/Linear Algebra
  4. One of the following courses:
    MAT 3120/Discrete Mathematics
    MAT 3160/Differential Equations
  5. Four upper-level electives (16 credits) in mathematics/computer science. One of the four electives may be fulfilled by a tutorial or independent study.
  6. Two science courses
  7. MAT 4880/Mathematics Senior Seminar I
  8. MAT 4890/Mathematics Senior Seminar II
  9. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I
  10. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II

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Graduation Plans

In consultation with your faculty advisor, the eight-semester plans, maintained by the Office of the Registrar, can be used as a guide to assist you in your academic planning and progress toward graduation.