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Research in Environmental Studies

Student Research: Selected Projects

Diane Doesserich monitored the water quality in Lake Katonah, N.Y., for two years. From the data she developed a long-term management plan to improve lake water quality, degraded due to eutrophication.

John Clark worked with a yeast bioassay for estrogenic compounds in domester wastewater. He examined quantities of EDCs as a function of time and in incoming sewage and effluent from a sewage treatment plant.

Joanna Chisolm used GIS to examine the correlations among asthma incidence, income level, and proximity to diesel truck routes and highways in the five boroughs of New York City.

Ted Nathanson developed a survey, sent nationwide to college students, to examined the water use attitudes, perceptions, and uses across the U.S., all as a function of self-reported environmental knowledge. He evaluated the perceived merits of various methods of water use reduction, such as desalination, conservation, and restriction of development.

Christine Bruno designed a project at the Bronx Zoo to quantify heavy metals present in the eggs of the snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) that come ashore from the Bronx River into the zoo to nest and lay eggs. She is currently completing her MS in environmental science at the College of Staten Island studying the connection between soil pH and amphibian distribution in southern New York.

Pira Suthirangkul described changes during embryo development of the nonnative Asia Shore crabs (Hemigrapsus sanguineus). Pira used the relationship he developed between female crab size and offspring number to predicted the reproductive output of a local population.

Faculty Research

The following are condensed descriptions of the research interests of the core Environmental Studies faculty. Please refer to individual faculty websites for more complete information.

George P. Kraemer, PhD (Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology): Marine ecology; invasive species; integrated aquaculture.

Ryan Taylor, PhD (Associate Professor of Environmental Studies): Geographic Information System research, freshwater stream processes and ecology, environmental policy and management.

James M. Utter, PhD (Associate Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Biology): Wetlands and conservation ecology; ecology of neotropical migrant birds.

Matthew Immergut, PhD (Associate Professor of Sociology): Environmental sociology, irrational consequences of rational systems (a là Max Weber).