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Premedical Studies for Chemistry Students

The premedical program prepares students for medical, dental, veterinary, and allied health careers.

Chemistry is an ideal major for students interested in gaining admission to medical, dental or veterinary schools. It is wise to complete a year of General Chemistry, a year of Organic Chemistry, Calculus I, a year of Introductory or General Physics (all requirements for chemistry majors), and a year of General Biology before taking professional aptitude examination (e.g. MCAT and DAT). Students interested in medical careers are encouraged to consult with members of the Premedical Advisory committee when planning programs.

Students who wish the assistance of the Premedical Advisory Committee must establish their files with the Career Development Center well before the deadline (April 1) and make certain that all materials, including letters and transcripts, are received on time. For additional information, contact theCareer Development Center.