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  • Alfa Aesar - chemicals and materials for research and production.
  • APL Microscopic - specializes in photography with the electron microscope for the pharmaceutical advertising industry.
  • Applied Analytical Industries, Inc. (AAI) - contract research organization for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  • Applied Chemical Laboratory
  • Applied Separations - offering supercritical fluid (SCF) processing, R&D and instrumentaion.
  • Aspen Systems, Inc - provides high technology R&D for federal, state, industrial and commercial clients. Expertise includes aerogels, refrigeration, insualtion, environmental remediation and polymers.
  • AutoFEA Engineering Technology, Inc. - finite element analysis software and consulting.
  • Biosupplies Australia - Biosupplies specialises in providing reagents for detection, characterisation, and quantification of polysaccharides and proteoglycans from plant cell surfaces and secretions.
  • Boron Biologicals, Inc. - focused on the design, synthesis and commercial use of boronated organic compounds. Supplier of compounds used for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT).
  • Caliper Technologies Corp. - develops and commercializes new automated tools for biochemical analysis that offer the functional equivalent of a chemistry laboratory on a microchip.
  • Capital HPLC - detailed descriptions of the company's range of innovative columns and accessories for HPLC. An on-line catalogue and ordering system is provided.
  • Cardwell Medical, Inc - providing equipment sales and service, and laboratory consumables for hematoloty and chemistry analyzers.
  • Chemical Biological Information Analysis Center (CBIAC) - fate and effects, demilitarization, treaty verification, medical effects, toxicology, NBC survivability, technology transfer
  • Chemical Sources International, Inc. - Includes: 7400 Companies, Spanning 120 Countries, Over 100,000 CAS Registry Numbers, 200,000 Chemical Names and 15,000 Trade Names. Available in Hard-Bound, CDROM, On-Line.
  • Chilworth Technology, Inc - an independent firm of scientists and engineers providing services in the specialist area of Process Safety throughout the chemical and processing industries.
  • Combi-Blocks Ltd. Liability Co. - manufacturer and supplier of bulk fine organic chemicals, active natural products, polymer-supported scavengers/reagents, combinatorial building blocks, and laboratory glassware.
  • Diablo Analytical - provides analytical chemistry research and development services to industry.
  • Electrosynthesis Company, Inc. - Electrochemical reseach and development, equipment, consulting and education.
  • Element Analysis Corporation - offering PIXE, PIGE, FNAA for fast non-destructive elemental analysis.
  • Exorga Inc. - consultants in organic chemistry and molecular modeling.
  • Fitzsimmons and Associates - chemical analytical laboratory providing services to industries for material ID (polymers, adhesives, contaminants, etc.) and problem solving for their quality control.
  • Fluid Dynamics - a commercial rheology testing laboratory, serving the world-wide chemical process industry.
  • Global FIA - world wide supplier of FIA and SIA equipment and components.
  • Hitex - offers custom industrial extraction and fractionation with supercritical carbon dioxide.
  • JBL Scientific - manufacturer of high-purity organic chemicals for the clinical chemistry, research, and pharmaceutical markets.
  • Oread Laboratories - dedicated to providing comprehensive services to drug development, chemical, biotech, and related industries.
  • Oxy-Gon - Makers of vacuum , inert gas, and gas purifcation furnaces
  • Peptides International, Inc. - specialty chemical company that is known as a world-wide leading supplier of peptide-related products and services.
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology Research Laboratory (PTRL) - full-service laboratories and consulting offices offering research, technical and consultation services.
  • Phasex Corporation - supercritical fluid toll processing and R&D. SCF extraction, deposition, purification, and particle size modification.
  • PIXE Analytical Laboratories - Offering Elemental Analysis of solids, liquids or thin film samples using PIXE.
  • Princeton Gamma-Tech - SEM/EDS X-ray microanalysis, image analysis for electron and light microscopy, gamma-ray detectors and systems.
  • Quadrex Corporation - features fused silica and stainless steel capillary columns we also sell a full line of accessories.
  • Quantex Laboratories - providing analytical, research and consulting services, including environmental chemistry.
  • Randox Laboratories - manufacturer of clinical chemistry, environmental diagnostic kits and quality control sera.
  • Recombinant BioCatalysis, Inc - dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of biocatalysts for use in chemical synthesis and industrial processes.
  • REOCS - analytical and educational services for electron microscopy.
  • Research Organics - chemical manufacturer specializing in buffers.
  • Scitec - international company designs and develops robotic systems for labs, and serves as testing facility for environmental, food, pharmaceutical, and clinical analysis.
  • SciVision
  • Sigma-Aldrich Corporation - chemical and biochemical products for laboratory research use.
  • Surface Science Laboratories - SSL provides analytical services for failure analysis, QA/QC and materials characterization for high-tech industries. Techniques used include surface, organic and imaging analysis.
  • Surmodics, Inc. - manufactures and markets surface modifications for medical, diagnostic and industrial products.
  • Tekmar-Dohrmann
  • TranTech Consultants, Inc. - leader in the provision of information technology for the chemical process industries.
  • Trikonex AB
  • TriLink BioTechnologies, Inc. - specialty oligonucleotide and nucleoside synthesis service.
  • Woodson-Tenent Laboratories, Inc. - a multi-discipline independent laboratory staffed with over 200 highly-skilled professionals. We serve the agriculture, food, feed, and pet food industry internationally with accurate and precise analytical chemistry.


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