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Miscellaneous Links for Chemistry Students



Nobel Prize in Chemistry


  • Cambridge Scientific
  • Chem-It - freeware program for the novice chemistry student. The current version includes an interactive periodic table, conversion charts, and much more.
  • Chemistry Higher Education Workgroup - CHEW: develops computer-based learning materials for use in teaching and learning chemistry. Download Chemland, a suite of free interactive chemistry education modules.
  • Chemware - download chemistry shareware for high school students and teachers.
  • CrystalDesigner - a tool for building, studying and visualising all kinds of inorganic crystal structures on the Macintosh platform.
  • DISCUS - a command language driven program for simulation of disordered materials and diffuse scattering in solid state physics and chemistry.
  • EQS4WIN - calculates chemical equilibrium compositions for a broad range of systems, based on the algorithms of Smith and Missen.
  • Huckel Calculator
  • Hypothesis Software - 3D-QSAR software designed to run on the PC. Correlates structure to binding activity for up to 400 molecules
  • Kinetics Simulation Project and Software - developed by chemists at IBM's Almaden Research Center. provides the bench scientist with an easy-to-use, rapid, interactive method for the accurate simulation of chemical reactions.
  • Molscript - a program for creating molecular graphics in the form of PostScript plot files
  • PovChem - Combines chemistry and raytracing to create high quality graphics of molecular models.
  • PTViz - Macintosh program for illustrating the organizing principles for the periodic table. Select elements, graph properties, and print tables.
  • TheRate: THEoretical RATEs - software project which implements a GUI written in Java with an underlying scientific code to calculate thermal rate constants from first principles.
  • Tulane University WWW Chemistry Pages - includes software, the A^ Research Group and links to chemistry sites.

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