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Senior Projects in Biology

The senior project is a hallmark of a Purchase College education. The senior project, a College-wide requirement for the B.A. and B.S. degree, allows the student to devote 8 credits to an in-depth, original, and creative study over the course of two semesters. Biology students carry out original research in an area of particular interest to them and many join in a faculty sponsor's research. The Senior Project in Biology (BIO 4990) may take the form of a critical review of the life science literature, a laboratory experiment, or a field study, and culminates in a baccalaureate thesis. The project allows students to apply their knowledge and skills to a meaningful research project. Seniors present the results of their research at the Annual Natural & Social Sciences Student Symposium in April. Results from many senior projects have been published in scientific journals and presented at professional conferences.

Biology Student Publications