Residential Learning Communities


All first-year liberal arts students at Purchase College participate in smaller intellectual communities designed to appeal to students’ different academic interests and learning styles. Students may choose from three different types of intellectual communities: Residential Learning Communities, Transfer Learning Communities, or First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs).


Students in Residential Learning Communities take a minimum of two courses together and live together in a freshman residence hall. The Learning Communities are coordinated by a faculty director who lives on campus and is therefore available for formal and informal advising, social and academic events and access all year.

So choose your Learning Community now! Places are limited.



Students in Residential Learning Communities:


  • live together in preferential student accommodations, are guaranteed a double room and have a specially selected resident advisor
  • work closely with and are advised by a faculty member who lives on campus
  • have a minimum of two courses and faculty in common
  • will be given special peer advisors and tutors
  • participate in special academic and extracurricular activities, including theatre performances, field trips, dinners, and celebrations with their faculty member-in-residence


Why participate?


  • to get extra attention from faculty, staff, and peer advisors who will help you excel and find informal ways of studying inside and outside of the traditional classroom
  • to get priority housing
  • to get to know other students who share similar interests
  • to join a community that lasts throughout your undergraduate years, to feel more bonded, more quickly, to the College and its academic and social life


2015 Residential Learning Communities:


Fall 2015 Learning Communities coming soon!



Updated January 23, 2015

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