Sandhaus and Malinverni Afterglow CD cover Pete Malinverni
Jody Sandhaus with Pete Malinverni: Afterglow
December 2009

Jon Gordon Evolution CD cover Jon Gordon
Producer, composer, arranger, alto and soprano saxophones, piano
With numerous artists, including Rogerio Boccato (percussion) ArtistShare, October 2009
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OFarrill Risa Negra CD cover Arturo O’Farrill
Piano, Fender Rhodes
Risa Negra
Zoho, October 2009

Huang Ruo To the Four Corners CD cover Huang Ruo
Composer and conductor
Huang Ruo: To The Four Corners
Performers include Future In REverse (FIRE), Min Xiao Fen, Stephen Buck (piano), David Stevens (percussion), and Charles Tyler (cello)
Naxos American Classics, October 2009
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Madera Vox CD cover David Gluck
Composer (tracks 1, 2, and 13), arranger, producer, percussion
Ted Piltzecker
Vibraphone (on “I’m a Stranger Here Myself, song for voice and piano”)
Madera Vox
Skinny Tie Records, September 2009

Vinyl Life CD cover James McElwaine
Tenor saxophone (on “Press Rewind”)
Prophet FS synth (on “Bass Go Boom”)
Peter Denenberg
Mastering (with Phil “The Butcha” Moffa)
Vinyl Life
Tape Theory, September 2009
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James Moody 4a CD cover Todd Coolman
Moody 4A
Featuring James Moody (tenor saxophone) with Kenny Barron (piano) and Lewis Nash (drums)
IPO Recordings, August 2009

Dave Gluck, Rhythm and Brass Inside the Blue Suitcase CD cover David Gluck
Composer (9 of 12 tracks), Percussion
Rhythm & Brass: Inside the Blue Suitcase
With Charles Villarrubia, Alex Shuhan, Rex Richardson, Tom Brantley, and Wiff Rudd
Bear Claw, July 2009

Scott Colley Empire CD cover Scott Colley
Helio Alves: It’s Clear
Featuring Helio Alves (piano) with Romero Lubambo (guitar), and Ernesto Simpson (drums)
Reservoir, May 2009
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Lunic CD cover Big Up Peter Denenberg
Lunic: Lovethief
Sellaband, May 2009

Joe Ferry CD cover Big Up Joe Ferry
Bass guitar, producer
Big Up
Featuring the Big Ska Band with Cyrille-Aimée Daudel (vocals) and guest appearances by Phil “The Butcha” Moffa (dub mix of “Skaramozza”) and Mikey Fresh
Shantytown Records, April 2009
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Moving Up CD cover David Gluck
Peter Denenberg
Bernie Williams: Moving Forward
With numerous artists, including Bruce Springsteen, Scott Henderson, and Jon Secada
Reform Records, April 2009

Hal Galper Ivory Forest CD cover April 2009 Hal Galper
Ivory Forest
With John Scofield (guitar), Wayne Dockery (bass), and Adam Nussbaum (drums)
Enja Records/Allegro, April 2009
Remaster of 1979 recording
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Jimmy Greene Mission Statement CD cover Jimmy Greene
Tenor saxophone, producer, composer, arranger
Mission Statement
With Xavier Davis (piano, Rhodes), Stefon Harris (vibraphone), Lage Lund (guitar), Reuben Rogers (bass), and Eric Harland (drums)
RazDaz/Sunnyside, April 2009

John Riley Master Drummer DVD cover John Riley
John Riley’s The Master Drummer: How to Practice, Play and Think Like a Pro
Instructional DVD
Alfred Publishing, April 2009
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Jim Rotondi Blues for Brother Ray CD cover 2009 Jim Rotondi
Blues for Brother Ray
With Eric Alexander (tenor saxophone), Peter Bernstein (guitar), Mike LeDonne (organ), and Joe Farnsworth (drums)
Posi-Tone Records, April 2009

Trussel and Murphy The Tempest CD cover Jacque Trussel
Artistic director, Purchase Opera
Hugh Murphy
Conductor, Purchase Symphony Orchestra
Lee Hoiby: The Tempest
Albany Records, March 2009
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David Gluck on Boneyard CD cover David Gluck
Composer, percussion
Daniel Castellani
Featuring Rhythm & Brass trombonist Tom Brantley, with numerous artists
Summit Records, February–March 2009

Suzanne Farrin on Tanya Bannister CD cover Suzanne Farrin
Composer (“This is the story she began”)
Tanya Bannister: This is the story she began
With pianist Tanya Bannister and composers Chris Theofanidis, Sheila Silver, and David Del Tredici
Albany Records, February 2009
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Hal Galper Art-Work CD cover Hal Galper
With Reggie Workman (bass guitar) and Rashied Ali (drums)
Origin Records, February 2009

Jim McElwaine Bass Ma Tazz CD cover James McElwaine
Clarinet (The New York Quintet, on “Quintessentials”)
Irwin Bazelon: Bazz Ma Tazz
With numerous artists
Albany Records, February 2009
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Fedhock and Malinverni on High Noon CD cover January 2009 John Fedchock
Pete Malinverni
Gary Smulyan–High Noon: The Jazz Soul of Frankie Laine
Featuring Gary Smulyan (baritone sax), with numerous artists
Reservoir (Navarre), January 2009

Jim Koeppel Lovesick James CD cover Jim Koeppel
Lovesick James
Produced by Eric Amble
CD Baby, January 2009
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Pollard Listending CD cover Denson Paul Pollard
Bass trombone