Dan Castellani produced CD Callen Sisters Oct 2007 Daniel Castellani
Producer, arranger, keyboards
David Gluck
The Callen Sisters
Featuring Jessa Callen (harp, vocals) and Beth Callen (guitar, vocals), with Chris Anderson (bass)
Moon Mouth, October 2007

Joe Ferry CD cover 55:22 Joe Ferry
With numerous artists
Shantytown Records, October 2007
2009 Second Place Award (Ska Album category), Just Plain Folks (JPF) Music Awards
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Fred Hand instructional DVD cover October 2007 Frederic Hand
Folk Song Arrangements For Classical Guitar
Instructional DVD
Homespun, October 2007

Bradley Brookshire CD cover Bach: The Art of the Fugue Bradley Brookshire
Bach: The Art of the Fugue
Produced by Joe Ferry
Bach Harpsichord Inc., September 2007
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Jimmy Greene Gifts and Givers CD cover Sept. 2007 Jimmy Greene
Tenor saxophone, composer, arranger
Gifts and Givers
With Marcus Strickland (saxophone), Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland (horns), Mike Moreno (guitar), and Danny Grissett (piano)
Criss Cross, September 2007

Kevin Hays The Dreamer CD cover Sept. 2007 Kevin Hays
Piano, Fender Rhodes piano, vocals, wood flute, melodica, percussion
The Dreamer
With Doug Weiss (bass), Bill Stewart (drums), and Hillary Smith (background vocals)
Artistshare, September 2007
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OConnor CD cover Dvorak Sept. 2007 Tara Helen O’Connor
Dvorák Arrangements For Wind Quartet / Windscape Wind Quintet
MSR Classics, September 2007

Vic Chesnutt: North Star Deserter CD cover-2007 Jem Cohen
Vic Chesnutt: North Star Deserter
Featuring Vic Chesnutt (guitar, casio, lyrics, voice) with numerous artists
Constellation, August 2007 (Europe), Sept. 2007 (worldwide)
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Ashton and Farrin Scenes of Spirits CD cover-2007 Graham Ashton
Composer (“Birdsong”) and Trumpet
Suzanne Farrin
Composer (“All Sides Endlessness”)
Scenes of Spirits:
The Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble play Music of the World
Signum UK, June 2007

Galper Guerilla Band CD cover June 2007 Hal Galper
Electric Piano
The Guerilla Band
With Victor Gaskin (bass), Bob Mann (guitar), Michael Brecker (saxophone), Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugelhorn), Steve Haas (drums), and Charles Alias (drums)
P-Vine, Japan, June 2007
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Jonathan Jetter-produced CD cover June 2007 Jonathan Jetter
Producer, engineer
Conchita Campos: So It Goes
CD Baby, June 2007

Wilson Chembo Corniel CD cover May 2007 Wilson “Chembo” Corniel
For the Rest of Your Life
Chemboró Records, Inc., May 2007
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OConnor CD cover Philip Glass May 2007 Tara Helen O’Connor
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Vol. 1
Orange Mountain Music, May 2007

Abercrombie The Third Quartet CD cover April 2007 John Abercrombie Quartet
The Third Quartet
With Mark Feldman (violin), Marc Johnson (double bass), and Joey Baron (drums)
ECM, April 2007
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Dominic Donato CD cover April 2007 Dominic Donato
Composer (“Either/Or” for percussion)
So Long, Thanks
With numerous artists
Capstone, April 2007

Frank London CD cover April 2007 Frank London
A Night in the Old Marketplace
Soundbrush Records, April 2007
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John Fedchock CD cover March 2007 John Fedchock
Producer, arranger, composer, trombone
Up & Running: John Fedchock New York Big Band
With Scott Wendholt (trumpet, flugelhorn) and numerous artists
Reservoir, March 2007

Galper Furious Rubato CD cover March 2007 Hal Galper
Furious Rubato
With Jeff Johnson (bass) and John Bishop (drums)
Origin Records, March 2007
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Kaminsky Solo Flights CD cover Feb. 2007 Laura Kaminsky
Composer (“Triftmusik”)
Composer’s Collaborative Inc.: Soloflights
With numerous artists on piano
CRI, February 2007

Kaminsky And Trouble Came CD cover Feb. 2007 Laura Kaminsky
Composer (“And Trouble Came: An African AIDS Diary”)
And Trouble Came: Musical Responses to AIDS
Musicians’ Accord; C. Bryan Rulon, conductor; Michael Dash, baritone; Chris DeBlasio, piano; Mark Lamos, narrator
CRI, February 2007
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Huang Ruo CD cover Huang Ruo: Chamber Concerto Cycle Huang Ruo
Composer and conductor
Huang Ruo: Chamber Concerto Cycle
International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
Naxos American Classics, February 2007

Scott Colley Architect of the Silent Moment CD Oct 2007 Scott Colley
Architect of the Silent Moment
With numerous musicians
CAM Jazz, January 2007
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