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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Summer 2016 Credit Courses: Mathematics

The most recent syllabi available can be found in our syllabus bank.

online courses iconMathematics for Contemporary Life
Students learn basic concepts in quantitative reasoning (number systems, data manipulation, basic statistics), with emphasis on problem solving using computational methods. This course uses a textbook and focuses on applications related to consumer issues to develop computational and problem-solving skills. Students learn to transform data into information and apply quantitative methods to evaluate information and solve real-world problems.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
MAT1060 / 4 credits
Barbara McMullen
Session II: June 13–July 29

Prepares students with limited backgrounds in high school mathematics for calculus. Topics include absolute values and inequalities, the properties of functions, graphs, logarithms, fractional exponents, and trigonometry.
MAT1150 / 4 credits
Noncredit option: $625
Stephen Kleinman
Mon.–Thurs., 1–4:10 p.m.
Session IV (4-Week Intensive): July 11–Aug. 4
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Calculus I
The basic concepts of the differential and integral calculus. Focus is on the applicability of these topics to an array of problems.
Prerequisite: MAT 1150 or equivalent
MAT1500 / 4 credits
Noncredit option: $625
Dusan Nesic
Mon. & Wed., 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Session II: June 13–Aug. 1
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Calculus II
A continuation of MAT 1500. Topics include differentiation and integration of logarithmic, exponential, and inverse trigonometric functions; techniques of integration; arc length; infinite series; and improper integrals. Applications include work, growth, and decay problems and volumes of solids of revolution.
Prerequisite: MAT 1500 or equivalent
MAT1510 / 4 credits
Roger Tsai Tues. & Thurs., 1–4:35 p.m.
Session II: June 14–July 28
Room: Refer to the online schedule

online courses iconIntroductory Statistics
Statistics are used everywhere in the modern world. This course covers descriptive statistics, entailing measures of central tendency and dispersion and Pearson correlation; and inferential statistics, including linear regression, normal distributions and hypothesis testing.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
Prerequisite: High school algebra skills
MAT1600 / 4 credits
Barbara McMullen
Session I (3-Week Intensive): May 23–June 10

online courses iconProgramming for Visual Artists
Using a visual environment that provides immediate feedback, students are taught the basic principles of programming and, by extension, math. Lectures focus on key aspects of programming and how working artists use code creatively in their practice. In this course, math is never the end but rather the means to problem-solve during the creative process.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
NME1450 / 4 credits
Noncredit option: $625
Paul Thayer
Session II: June 13–July 29

online courses iconBehavioral Statistics
An introduction to data analysis, with coverage of both descriptive and inferential statistics, and an introduction to probability. Class discussions focus on the use of sample, sampling, and population distributions as they are employed in hypothesis testing. Inferential tests include t-tests, ANOVAs, chi square, regression, and nonparametric tests.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details. It may be used to satisfy the statistics requirement for economics and environmental studies majors, and it counts as a basic science support course for biology majors.
PSY2320 / 4 credits
Peggy De Cooke
Session III (3-Week Intensive): June 13–July 1

Updated Mar. 15, 2016

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