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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Summer 2015 Credit Courses: Legal Studies

BA in Liberal Studies: Legal Studies

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online courses iconWhite-Collar Crime
White-collar criminality, the law of economic crime, and political crimes associated with white-collar crime are investigated through the lens of class and privilege. Students compare traditional and white-collar crimes, including organized crime, and associated prosecutions such as conspiracy, mail fraud, racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO), money laundering, corporate criminal liability, and fraud upon financial institutions and against the government.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
LEG3060 / 4 credits
Charles Murphy
Session IV (Intensive): July 6–24

Law, Order, and Disobedience
Protection of civil rights in the U.S. has been characterized by both civil disobedience and widespread violence. This course analyzes milestones in American history, periods of unrest, and the sociolegal changes associated with them. Landmark constitutional cases, law, and justice in U.S. culture are studied, and historical lawbreakers and high-profile dissidents are examined through various media.
LEG3420 / 4 credits
Arnold Streisfeld
Tues. & Thurs., 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Session II: June 9–July 23
Room: Refer to the online schedule

*CANCELLED* Conflict Resolution
An introduction to dispute resolution techniques (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) increasingly used in the courts as alternatives to the trial process and in schools and communities to resolve personal, social, and political conflicts. Procedures like mini-trials, early neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences are also covered. Students develop dispute-resolution skills while practicing in structured role-play.
SOC3490 / 4 credits
Arnold Streisfeld
Mon.–Fri., 1–4:20 p.m.
Session III (Intensive): June 6–26
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Updated May 28, 2015

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