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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Summer 2014 Credit Courses: Film

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America at the Movies
Selected films are analyzed to illuminate significant aspects of American society in the 1970s and 1980s, including the war in Vietnam and expansion of American power, the end of legal racial segregation, the movements for women’s equality and gay rights, and challenges to traditional conventions (the sexual revolution, counterculture movement, and youth movement). How did these developments affect life in America in the following decades, and how did Hollywood confront their political reverberations?
Note: This course is restricted to students who have completed 60 or more credits. Visiting students who meet this requirement: email for assistance.
CMS3010 / 4 credits
Richard Connolly
Tues. & Thurs., 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Session II: June 10–July 24
Rockland Extension site, Room 1106

online courses iconThe Family on Film
Explores the many types of families presented on the silver screen in the 20th century and today: perfect/idyllic families, families threatened by divorce, dysfunctional families, eccentric families, families facing a crisis, and current notions of extended or nontraditional families.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
CMS3190 / 4 credits
Rachel Simon
Session IV (Intensive): July 7–25

online courses iconSports Films: Underdogs, Champions, and Gutter Balls
Examines the elements and messages in sports films that make people cheer for the underdog and care about teams, players, and sports. Using both big-budget Hollywood films and documentaries with a small scope, this course explores the ideas of team, sport, and athletics and investigates the grip that sports have on American culture.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
CMS3290 / 4 credits
Rachel Simon
Session I (Intensive): May 19–June 6

Updated April 17, 2014

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