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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Fall 2015 Credit Courses: Legal Studies

BA in Liberal Studies: Legal Studies

Introduction to Civil Law
An exploration of the day-to-day applications of civil law: who can sue and be sued, the basis for lawsuits, and how to win cases. Through case studies and mock litigation, students explore such issues as product liability, medical malpractice, negligence, strict liability, and legal procedure, including document production and the use of expert witnesses.
LEG1520 / 4 credits
Arnold Streisfeld
Wed., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 2–Dec. 16
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Gender and the Law
Focuses on the evolution of the law in regard to gender-related issues, including sexual harassment in the workplace, gender discrimination in employment, and reproductive rights. Readings include key Supreme Court cases that have shaped the law concerning gender. A background in law is not required.
LEG3070 / 4 credits
Thomas Protano
Mon., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Aug. 31–Dec. 14
Room: Refer to the online schedule

The Nature and Function of Law
The study of law from a liberal arts perspective, emphasizing the role that law and the legal order play in the institutional arrangements and human relations of a society. The course examines the basic concepts, language, institutions, and forms of law that characterize the American legal order.
LEG3185 / 4 credits
To be announced
Thurs., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 3–Dec. 17
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Communications Law
Explores the American legal system and examines the role of each branch of government—executive, legislative, and judicial—in shaping the laws that govern the right to free speech and the right to privacy, along with conflicts between those two rights that arise in the media, the private sector, and public institutions.
LEG3200 / 4 credits
Colleen Duffy
Wed., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 2–Dec. 16
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Conflict Resolution
An introduction to dispute resolution techniques (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) increasingly used in the courts as alternatives to the trial process and in schools and communities to resolve personal, social, and political conflicts. Procedures like mini-trials, early neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences are also covered. Students develop dispute-resolution skills while practicing in structured role-play.
SOC3490 / 4 credits
Arnold Streisfeld
Mon., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Aug. 31–Dec. 14
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Sexual Assault: The Courts and Society Today
Students examine the different types of sexual assault; the effects on victims, their families, and society; and the legal process unique to sexual assault prosecutions. Topics include legal protection for special victims; motivation of criminals; date rape, domestic violence, and battered women’s syndrome; and crimes against children. The roles of investigators, doctors, forensic scientists, district attorneys, judges, experts, and psychological counselors are also analyzed.
SOC3555 / 4 credits
Noncredit option: $625
Fredric Green
Tues., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 1–Dec. 15
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Updated March 18, 2015

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