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The Arts Management BA Program

The BA program in arts management at Purchase College is designed for students seeking a foundation for further education and for careers in a wide range of creative industries, including dance and theatre companies; symphony orchestras and opera; galleries and museums; presenting and community arts centers; festival and concert venues; and record companies and artist management agencies.

Led by a diverse faculty of arts management educators and field professionals, the BA program prepares a new generation of engaged managers who value the arts and are committed to the creative process. Emphasis is placed on developing critical inquiry, creative thinking, and the business and communication skills necessary to support the arts and entertainment industry in a changing environment.

The major in arts management integrates:

  • business courses focused on building the core knowledge and skills vital to leading and supporting a wide variety of arts-based initiatives
  • history and current issues relevant to the visual and performing arts
  • opportunities to pursue individual career interests and to gain practical insight and experience through internships, interaction with field professionals, and a yearlong independent project
  • a broad-based education in the liberal arts and sciences

The program also offers a minor in arts management, which is open to students in all disciplines.

The tradition of artistic excellence and diversity at Purchase College, along with its proximity to the vast cultural resources in Westchester County and New York City, are among the outstanding features enhancing the arts management program. On campus, networking and community-building opportunities include the Arts Management Club and South Bay Cabaret, a student-run organization that produces multidisciplinary events in collaboration with the Performing Arts Center.


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In the U.S., more people annually attend cultural institutions and events than all of the nation’s sporting events combined.

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