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Advising and Registration for Incoming Transfer Students

Welcome to Purchase!

In order to register for courses, you will need to call to make an appointment with the appropriate office, once you have reviewed the information below.

v  If you are a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science transfer student, please call the Advising Center at (914) 251-3990 to make an appointment.

v  If you are an Art+Design transfer student, please email Tina Hardin (Art+Design Coordinator) at to make an appointment.

v  If you are a Music transfer student, please email Ryan Homsey (Director of Academic Resource Center / Lecturer of Music) at to make an appointment.

v  If you are a Liberal Studies transfer student, please call the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education at (914) 251-6500 to make an appointment.


In preparation for your advising meeting, please do the following:

v  Review the 8 semester plan for your major.  These offer guidelines for determining when you should take which classes.  As a transfer student, you may have taken some of the recommended classes in different sequences, under different names, or not at all.  The plans are a blueprint to help you plan your academic path.

v  Review your Degree Progress Report (DPR).  You can access your DPR by following the instructions below:

  • Login to myHeliotrope at
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on Registration, then select Degree Progress Report.
  • Select “Purchase” in the campus dropdown menu, then click login.
  • Login using your Purchase username and password.

Your DPR is specific to you, and contains information to help you plan your course schedule.  The top of the DPR contains basic information such as major, class status and number of transfer credits applied.  If you think that there are transfer credits missing, please check with the awarding college to make sure that a final, official transcript has been sent to the Registrar's Office at Purchase on your behalf.  This includes any college credits taken in high school.  You will want to look over this block to be sure that all of the information is correct; if there are any discrepancies, please contact the Registrar’s Office (914-251-6361) as soon as possible.

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Degree Block:
  Reflects your overall status of degree requirement completion.  For example, students need 120 total credits and 45 upper level (these junior and senior-level courses are numbered 3000-4999 at Purchase) credits in order to graduate.  This block will show you where you are in terms of meeting those requirements.

  • A green box means the requirement is completed
  • A red box means it is not completed
  • A blue box means that you are in the process of completing it

Core Requirements Block: Shows the specific status of core requirement completion.  You need three (3) credits in each category to satisfy the requirement.  If you have outstanding core requirements, we recommend taking at least one class to satisfy these during your first semester.

  • Note: The Languages and Cultures requirement does not mean that you have to take a language.  You can fulfill this requirement by either taking a language or taking a class from a category called Other World Civilizations.
  • Note: The Humanities requirement does not mean that you have to take an American History, a Western Civilization and a Humanities class.  You can fulfill this requirement by taking a class from any one of these categories. 

Major Requirements Block: Shows the specific status of major requirement completion.  This will also show you which classes can be taken in order to fulfill different requirements.  If you hover over a course number, you will see the course title and number of credits.  If you click on a course number, you can see the full course description and Course Registration Number (CRN.)

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Review the Course Search.  Using the 8 semester plan and your DPR to determine which courses you need, look through the Course Search to find out which of those classes is being offered this semester, and which of them you would like to take.  Be sure to select the registration term you want (Spring 2015) from the term drop down menu.

  • If you are looking for a class that fulfills a core requirement, select all of the subjects, then scroll down to “Attribute Type” and select the attribute that you need.  To find an Other World Civilizations course, select the attribute "Gen Ed: Other World Civ."
  • If you are looking for a class that fulfills a major requirement, search by subject and leave the Attribute Type as “All.”

v  Make a list of 8 or 9 courses that you would like to take this semester. Be sure to include the CRN, the course title, and the days and meeting times for each course that interests you.  Please bring your list with you to your appointment, as an advisor will discuss the list with you and help you finalize your course schedule.  Also bring to your appointment any questions you may have about how your transfer credits were applied to your degree.  For example: if you think you've taken the equivalent of a Purchase requirement and it is not showing on your DPR as such, then let your Advisor know.  We may be missing a final transcript from a previous college or we may need additional information about a previously completed course.





Click HERE to see the video detailing these instructions!






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