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Transfer Learning Communities

Transfer students in liberal arts and sciences have the option to participate in one of our transfer learning communities, which provide a smaller intellectual community designed to appeal to students’ different academic interests and learning styles.

Students in transfer learning communities take an anchor course that is related to their major, along with additional upper-level and core courses that they need to satisfy their degree requirements. They may live on or off campus. These learning communities are an excellent way for both residential and commuter students to participate in the intellectual community at Purchase College.

Note: Transfer students are not required to participate in a transfer learning community. They are welcome to register for individual courses with the help of an academic advisor.

Students in transfer learning communities:

  • have an anchor course that is related to their major
  • work closely with the faculty teaching these courses and have a special advisor
  • have an opportunity to participate in a community that will include residential and commuter students

Why participate?

  • To get extra attention from faculty and staff who will help you excel and find informal ways of studying inside and outside the traditional classroom
  • To get to know other students who share similar interests<
  • To join a community that lasts throughout your undergraduate years
  • To feel more quickly bonded to the college and its academic and social life

So choose your learning community now! (Spaces are limited.)

Fall 2014 Social Action Learning Community

The Social Action Learning Community provides opportunities for transfer students to begin their studies as part of a group of students who share common interests. The program is open to both residential and commuting students. Students select two classes that meet major requirements, an interactive class, and a leadership seminar. 

Why participate?

  • Build relationships with faculty who are aware of transfer student needs
  • Meet other students who share similar interests
  • Feel more connected, more quickly, to the College

All Students take:

Social Action Leadership Seminar (T 4:30-6:10)

New transfer students to the college work together to identify and remediate problems in the college that are relevant to them. Students receive an intensive hands-on experience in the process of researching organizational problems, developing interventions, writing grant proposals, implementing interventions and evaluating outcomes.

All students Select 1:

·         Latin and International Dance (MR 8:30-10:10 am)

·         Circus Skills (MR 10:30-12:10)

·         Fencing (MR 10:30-12:10)

·         Tae Kwon Do (MR 2:30-4:10)

·         Yoga (M 6:30-9:50pm)

·         Target Archery (TF 8:30-10:10 am) – starts October 21st, 1 credit

·         Fitness and Weight Training (TF 10:30-12:10)

·         Rock Climbing (R 2:30-6:10 pm plus weekend trips) – ends October 23rd, 1 credit

·         Outdoor Skills (R 6:30-9:30 pm plus weekend trips)

·         or any arts class with space available

Students who are Undecided or are in a Major not listed below

·         select any two courses from those listed below


Economics - Select 2

·         ECO2550 Law and Economics (TF 12:30-2:10)

·         ECO3100 Cities Culture and the Economy (TF 10:30-12:10) pre-req is ECO1510

·         PSY2320 Behavioral Statistics (MR8:30-10:00 &W8:30-9:20 or MR12:30-2:00 &W9:30-10:20)

·         ECO3070 Econometrics (MR 4:30-6:10) pre-req is PSY2320 or MAT1600


History and Journalism - Select 2

·         HIS3375 Aren’t I a Woman?:The Construction of Womanhood in the U.S. (TF 2:30-4:10)

·         HIS 3466 - To Enjoy Our Freedom: African-American History Since 1865 (TF 10:30-12:10)

·         JOU1500.20 Introduction to Media (MR 10:30-12:10)

·         JOU3040.20 Race, Gender and the Media (W 8:30-12:10)

Psychology - Select 2

·         PSY3775 Cognitive Psychology in Education (TF 12:30-2:10)

·         PSY3860 Social Psychology (TF 12:30-2:10)

·         PSY3100 Abnormal Psychology (TF 8:30-10:10)

·         PSY3560 Psychology Research Methods I (MR 12:30-2:00 and M or R 2:30-5:30)

Sociology - Select 2

·         SOC3615.20 Families, Communities, Cultures (MR 4:30-6:10)

·         SOC3405 Research Methods (MR 10:30-12:10 or 12:30-2:10)

·         PSY3860 Social Psychology (TF 12:30-2:10)

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