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PSYCHOLOGY CLUB – Purchase College, SUNY

What is the Psychology Club? The Psychology Club was established in 2004 to serve the Purchase College undergraduate Psychology community. The goal of the Club is to support Psych students through informative workshops, special outings and group meetings. Members are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas with each other in order to facilitate their progress through a demanding program. Our Agenda:

· Provide a meeting place for people interested in psychology to discuss various aspects of the field

· Provide educational opportunities to supplement coursework via guest speakers

· Prepare students for success at Purchase College and in graduate studies via peer mentoring and special workshops

· Provide an outlet for students to share concerns regarding coursework and student life

· Provide exposure to the field of psychology by coordinating trips to local conferences and seminars

Who is eligible to join? The Psychology Club is open to any Purchase College student who is interested in psychology, regardless of your major. Joining is easy – simply show up to one of our regularly scheduled meetings and fill out an enrollment form. Then, sign in to three or more meetings throughout the semester, and you will be automatically added to our membership list.Who runs Psychology Club? The Psychology Club Officers, under the guidance of the Faculty Sponsor, are responsible for all aspects of running the club, including planning, organizing, publicizing, fund-raising and mentoring. Elections for Club Officers are conducted during the first month of every semester. In order to run for office, you must be an active member in the Club for at least one semester prior to elections. All are welcome to run – it is not only a fun and fulfilling experience, it also looks great on your college resume!

Questions about Psych Club? Contact our faculty sponsor, Meagan Curtis.

For current information about club events, click here.

Important Notices
Psi Chi: We are still trying to initiate a Purchase Chapter of Psi Chi, the national psychology honors society.  Our application was re-submitted last semester, and Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman has tried to get an update on our status, but has yet to find much out. We most certainly will keep you posted because we expect to have the induction ceremony by next semester!

Bulletin Board: Our bulletin board committee has decided to have their weekly meetings on Thursdays at 4:30pm at the bulletin board. The director of the committee is Rachel Frank and can be contacted via email through this LINK. Members of the committee are responsible for finding articles relevant to topics in Psychology that are both informative and interesting for students to read, and react to on our bulletin board’s “Your Thoughts” section, which was a success last year.

Freshman/Sophomores: Overwhelmed by classes? Confused about the requirements? Want advice on professors? If you answered yes to any of these, a Psych Club mentor may be what you need.  Come to a Club meeting and talk to one of the officers – we’ll be more than happy to mentor you ourselves, or match you up with someone!

Helpful Links.

The American Psychological Association:
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Psych Grad (an essential site for grad school information):
Psi Chi (the national psychology honors society):

Faculty Sponsor:

Meagan Curtis