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Medical School Application Process and Timeline

Most professional schools accept applications for September admission during a six-month period beginning in June of the previous year. In general, all prerequisite courses and the appropriate professional exam should be completed prior to the application.  Specific requirements and application procedures for each school should be carefully examined, but in most cases, a common application service is used.  The student is responsible for learning and adhering to the appropriate application procedures.

In general, the on-line application, professional exam scores and all transcripts must be received by the application service, before the packet is forwarded to the individual schools.  In some cases, recommendation letters may also be submitted through the application service but will be forwarded to schools individually upon receipt – in other words, the application itself would not normally be held up to wait for letters to be submitted.

Professional schools typically will ask applicants for a “secondary application” when they have received the completed information from the application service.  When this and the recommendation letters have all been received, the schools will forward all materials to the admissions committee for processing.  If the school is interested in the candidate, he/she will typically be invited for an interview before a final decision is made.

Students are encouraged to submit their applications early, as the data indicate greater success for early applicants, qualifications being equal.  August and September professional examination results are usually not available early enough for the fall admission decisions, so students are encouraged to complete the science requirements before the end of the spring semester and take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) during May or June. Please visit the Career Development Center’s calendar for more information.