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School of Natural and Social Sciences

Premedical Studies at Purchase College

The premedical studies program at Purchase College provides each student with the basic courses needed to prepare for professional schools in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and other allied health careers. We work with undergraduate matriculated students and with continuing education students who already have degrees but need the specific science prerequisite courses before applying to professional schools. In addition, students complete advanced science courses, internships, and clinical experiences, individually tailored to complement their own backgrounds and interests.

The premedical studies program offers:

The focus of the premedical studies program is on preparing for success in the appropriate entrance examinations, and the application to and acceptance by the professional school. The School of Natural and Social Sciences main office (NS2065) offers information and assistance to current students and alumni interested in careers in the health sciences. Current students and alumni are encouraged to visit us in the Natural Sciences Building, Room 2065; call us at (914) 251-6631; or email us at

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