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What several Purchase College ES alumni liked about the program and where they are now...

Lindsay Randall (2007) White House Counsel on Environmental Quality, Washington, DC

Lindsay Randall.jpgLindsay sequed from her pioneering role as the first Sustainability Coordinator at Purchase College to her current position as Special Assistant at White House Council on Environmental Quality with the Obama adminstration in Washington, DC. She also worked as a Regional Field Director for Operation Free, a Fellow at The New Leaders Council, and as an Executive Assistant at the U.S. House of Representatives. Reflecting on her undergraduate career, Lindsay says, “my efforts to promote sustainability at Purchase through my Senior Project have shown me the power of persistence, and that doing work within the environmental field doesn’t always have to be a battle. I learned a great deal in the classrooms about what needs to be done, but my experiences outside the classroom taught me that these things can be done and how to do them.”

ERoth seining (sm).jpgErin Roth (2008), HydroQual, Inc.

Erin recently began working as anenvironmental scientist for HydroQual, Inc. Prior to this, she worked for Christadora teaching outdoor education in the Berkshires (Mass), in New York City teaching hands-on science, and a 10-month internship as a zookeeper at the Bear Mountain Zoo. "I am very glad I chose to pursue this field because I have done a lot of really awesome work in the two years since graduation."

Erica Mignone (2010).jpgErica Mignone (2004), TECinc

Erica has extensive experience as an environmental lawyer and consultant, including NEPA preparation, economic impact analysis, alternative energy feasibility analysis, watershed, wastewater, and land use planning. She has testified at public hearings on local environmental issues, and has represented local government in the press and media. Erica volunteers her time at Scripps Institution of Oceanography as a tide pool interpreter and whale watch guide.



Bruno (sm).jpgChristine Bruno (2006), College of Staten Island

Christine is shown here in Jujuy provence, Argentina (ca. 3400 meters) working on amphibian ecophysiology. "The ES program at Purchase allowed me to work one on one with professors who cared about my future success. Through the small class size and emphasis on group work, Purchase provided me with an encouraging atmosphere that prepared me for graduate school.

I am currently working towards my Masters degree in Environmental Science at The College of Staten Island. I am studying the effects of soil pH on amphibian distributions in southern New York State."

Patrick LimberPatrick Limber (2003) "working" on Hinchbrook Island (Australia)

"Studying environmental science at Purchase College is all about small classes and interaction with faculty. While the classes are small, the benefits of Purchase’s intimacy are huge – you will learn from and conduct research firsthand with established professors."

Patrick has a M.S. in Earth Science (UC Santa Cruz) and is completing his Ph.D. in Earth and Ocean Sciences at Duke University.


Fred OttmanFred Ottman (2003) assessing hatching success of loggerhead turtles in Ft. Lauderdale (FL)

"Purchase College is a small school with many opportunities for the motivated student. I was better prepared for graduate school than many of my peers due to the emphasis placed on research and lab experiences by the ES program. With the support of my professors I was awarded a grant from the Hudson River Foundation to study the intertidal nekton of the Lower Hudson River."

"I also worked as a research assistant for a fish-seaweed aquaculture project where I gained experience in media prep, general laboratory methods, and statistics. I cannot say enough good about my Purchase experiences."

Gretchen CulpGretchen Culp (1997)

"I entered Purchase College intending to transfer out after my sophomore year (I had been accepted into the ESF program at Syracuse University). I didn't count on enjoying Purchase so much. I loved the small class size and the contact with the faculty."

"I stayed and graduated in 1997 with my BS. I just started a new job as an Environmental Database Manager for the Hudson River Foundation."


Dave YozzoDr. Dave Yozzo (1987) working as an environmental scientist

"Small classes, an interdisciplinary focus, opportunities for field trips, and accessible faculty were the highlights of the program the ES Program."

"My most valuable experiences were independent research projects. My senior thesis, an evolutionary study of deep-sea ostracods, was published in the Journal of Micropaleontology. I also published work on ostracods in the Hudson River Estuarine Reserve. The field and laboratory research and scientific writing provided me with a distinct advantage when I entered graduate school. I am now a Senior Project Manager with HDR, an environmental consulting firm."